Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hedgypogs update

Just a quick update to say that Spike, often with A.N. Other, calls by each night at round about midnight to 2am onwards......err, and leaving their little 'calling cards' of course. Last night I was putting something in the recycling bin - scraps of paper from my craft room needless to say :) at 10pm and there was a gorgeous little face peeking at me over the top of the bowl of hedgehog food. An early date!

I stood totally still but after a few moments he decided that he didn't like being watched while he ate (who does!!) and tootled off round the back of the garden shed. Then, I spotted what I like to think was his 'date', just by the rhubarb patch, hopefully keeping any slugs at bay. Of course, she could have been just powdering her nose nose before joining Spike at the dining table for a proper dinner :))

There was no time to go fetch my camera and I didn't want to scare them away but babies tend to be less shy, so perhaps if there are any youngsters later on I might hit lucky. Baby hedgehogs have absolutely no table manners and will happily paddle round in the feeding bowl oblivious of what's going on around them so I've been lucky in the past :)



bernietom47 said...

What fun! Hope you do get a shot or two of them. Never seen one in person but love all wildlife even if it's just in photos.

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Good luck Di.

How sweet that you have them. I used to get one regularly but have had to block up the exits under the fence due to the arrival of The Girls. Haven't seen evidence of one since . . . and boy have we got the slugs/snails to prove it!

Hugs, Sandra

Traceyr said...

How funny is that I got up in the night and noticed the outside light had been activated and checked the garden to see a hedgehog scuttling away under the bushes. :)

The Crafty Elf said...

Hope you get a picture of the whole family. I have bunnies and they are feeding well on all my newly sprouting hostas....argh!

Di said...

Hey, ho! Been chasing a 'would be killer' cat way from a baby blackbird all day. We're worn out here :( Mind you, bunnies are sooo cute, and the baby blackbird is a bit like Daffy Duck, no real tail and a BIG wide mouth, not a true bird bill as such yet :( Nature watch on patrol in the UK - over and out :)


MaudMartha said...

Oh Di, you are lucky to have such cute visitors. Let's hope you hear the patter of tiny feet soon. Teresa x