Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I managed it!

Phew, yesterday I managed to finish my WOYWW PiF little 'thingy' - to say more could give it away :) I even managed to add WOYWW to the 'thingy'. My desk is currently a total tip but I did manage in the process to try out the little glue gun I got some time ago - it's absolutely great and I can't understand why it's taken so long to get round to using it. Note to self - try things out sooner!

No piccies today - am in headless chicken mode sorting out and getting ready for the school reunion this weekend. Yay - only three more sleeps :)) !!



Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

You wait until I tell the girls you mentioned HEADLESS CHICKENS!!!!! LOL!

Coicidentally I also finished my WOYWW PIF yesterday! Shhh!

Hugs, Sandra x

Wipso said...

I shall be checking when you link tomorrow now so I can link after you hehehe
A x

Bernie said...

Oh My Maud and Martha wont like that comment. hehhe
I know you are glad you got your project finished. Now full steam ahead to prep for your reunion.
Big Hugs

Bernie said...

PS You've all got me excited and I am looking forward to yours and everyone else's WOYWW PIF projects.

Twiglet said...

Oh heck - I think I will have to get up early tomorrow so I can get linked quickly. No lying in bed reading till 8 tomorrow then!!

Di said...

Hey ho ladies - full steam ahead....ahoy me hearties for WOYWW!! Di x

Caroline Hallett said...

I also finished my pif in the nick of time - think there will be quite a few peeps logging on a 6am tomorrow x

MaudMartha said...

No Maud and Martha won't like to hear about headless chickens. It's OK I won't tell them. Well done Di, mines finished too, well I may add a bit more. I now just have to take the photos before I post it. Luv Teresa x

Sandra said...

Hi Di, Missing your card alread!! enjoy that reunion.....:) Sandra H