Sunday 11 February 2024

Sunday Snippets - Robin Christmas card

The lovely Sarn has taken over the Results post for this week - and I've just hopped in here before going to bed by 10 pm on Saturday to say a quick 'Hello' with a Katy Sue decoupage Christmas card from Christmas just gone - given to my Avon Lady:

The snippets are little ones I used to make the layered sentiment of course!

Dudley Pupdate and news from Hampshire: First of all, many, many thanks for all your kind wishes for Len. He was hospitalised for three days, on a drip in isolation, and finally came home on Monday - early in the evening. Dudley went crackers of course! Only now is he actually feeling that he can step down from the huge responsibility of being my protector 24 x 7! It's so nice to see him relaxed and back to lying spreadeagled on his back, displaying all his wares and snoozing peacefully - NB. I'm writing about Dudley folks!

On the subject of Len, at this point in time everything points to it being a viral infection and looking back he was so lucky to be admitted into hospital when he was. It's still causing issues so he's on a light diet until he feels he can cope with more substantial meals. But, he's back home with us. As a little extra gift, the severe dehydration has caused kidney issues and he's faced with weekly blood tests until things, hopefully, regulate back to normal. After that it's potentially six-monthly blood tests for a couple of years.  Right now he's drinking gallons of water to keep his kidneys working as much as possible. We'll get there - Team Dudley can do this!

I'd like to enter this card into the current challenge over at Christmas Kickstart # 83 'Out on a Limb'. It's a great theme with loads of potential - why not join in?

Very importantly, the results of Challenge #472 are now published HERE - huge thanks again to Sarn!

And to all of you, once again! 

Do please come and play in the Snippets Playground!

Love from both of us, and Len, normal service will resume as soon as possible!

Di and Dudley xxx


  1. Can’t even imagine what you’re going through, so glad he’s home and on the road to recovery xxx

  2. Love your decoupaged Christmas robin card.

    More importantly - I hope Len makes a full recovery and things return to normal asap. I know it’s been a nightmare for all concerned. Much love and hugs from moi xxxx

  3. Your decoupage Christmas cards are beautiful and the sentiment is perfect. So pleased to hear that Len is home now and that dear Dudley is feeling more relaxed. Take care the three of you xx

  4. A± gorgeous Robin card Di. And so pleased to hear there's a turnaround with Len and hope he continues on the same road back to health.

    B x

  5. So sorry to hear all that but glad Len is home with you. With two of you nursing him I hope he'll do very well. Thinking of you. And lovely card, of course. Robins always win xxx

  6. So sorry to hear that Len has been so unwell, pleased to hear he’s on the mend and has his two nurses to look after him. Lovely card as well. xx

  7. Your card is just lovely Di and I'm sure it was well received. I'm happy to hear Len is back home from the hospital and recovering. I'm sure things were scary for both of you, and I'm sure Dudley is also delighted to have him back home again. Prayers for a full and complete healing in the coming days as well. Hang in there.

  8. A lovely card Di - I do like robins on Christmas cards!

    Glad to hear Len is back home and I hope he makes a good recovery.

    Kath x

  9. So glad to hear that Len is home and on the mend. Good news for Dudley and yourself, of course. Love your card, Di. Don't forget to complete the link at CKC as it's not showing up there at the moment. Big hugs, Jo x

    1. Link done Jo - thanks for the prompt! x

  10. Fabulous card Di!
    Sending get well wishes for Len!
    Helen x

  11. Amazing Christmas card Di, your decoupaging looks fabulous and that bird seems just real!
    So happy that Len is finally back home from the hospital! Surely he has to be patient and careful with his kidney issues, but I'm sure everything will go well soon! Team Dudley is the best! And I'm also very happy that Dudley now is calm and relaxed!
    You cracked me up with your words "It's so nice to see him relaxed and back to lying spread-eagled on his back, displaying all his wares and snoozing peacefully. - NB. I'm writing about Dudley folks! " Ah ah ah!! :D LOL
    Best wishes, prayers and fingers crossed for Len's speedy recovery!
    Big hugs and happy five to Dudley for having protected you all these days :D

  12. Oh, I do love birds! We feed them in our backyard and have had so many this winter after our foot of snow. Sweet Pea goes crazy watching them. Your card is just beautiful! Oh no, I am just reading about Len's illness and hospitalization. I am so relieved to read that he is back home and recovering. You must have been worried out of your mind, and probably still are, as it sounds serious with his kidneys being affected. I just said a prayer for both of you. Dudley is such a rascal and he must have been so happy (as were you!) when Len came home. I will keep praying for you guys. Sending hugs as well.

  13. Such beautiful decoupage and just adore that robin..always a favourite of mine on a Christmas card. So pleased to hear that Len is now home and starting on the road to recovery and your quip about Dudley made me smile..normal service resumed. x

  14. I had to go back to mid January when I visited last, what gorgeous and wonderful cards I have missed. This is also stunning, I love the Robin and the lovely foliage. I'm so sorry to hear about Len, at least you have him home now, I hope his recovery is quick. x

  15. So pleased Len is home, sending him best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's a beautiful robin card.

  16. Hi Di,
    so glad Len is home and making progress with his health.
    Hope he continues to feel much better every day from now on.
    Poor little Dudley I bet he was wondering what was happening.
    Love your Robin card it's gorgeous and who doesn't love a Robin as they are so sweet.
    I think I have that decoupage that I haven't used yet.
    You know us crafters we buy put in a drawer and forget about it so thank you for reminding me about it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L

  17. Lucky Avon lady! This card is really pretty, Di! I'm so glad to read the update on Len's health. I'm sure you and Duds are beyond relieved to have him home to finish his recovery under expert hands and paws! Take care of yourself, too! Hugs, Darnell

  18. Beautiful robin card, Di - glad to hear Len is home again! Take care, all of you!!

  19. Only just seen this and your previous post Di - as per my comment there, so glad to hear you have got Len back home, and hope he will soon be feeling better. It's so stressful when loved ones are poorly, especially when you don't know straight away what the problem is.
    I'm sure Sarn will do a sterling job manning the playground while you're looking after Len until you're able to get fully stuck in once more!
    Lovely traditional Christmas card - I love a nice robin on a Chrimbo card!
    Pauline xx

  20. Hi Di

    A beautiful Christmas card with so many gorgeous layers.

    So happy to read that Len is home and I hope that things are continuing to improve now he is home.

    Hope you have a "wash and a wear" on the nurses outfit front!

    Take care of yourself too.

    Love Jules xx

  21. So pleased to read that Len is home and on the mend great news for Dudley too and yourself l just love your card Di the winter scene and the Robin is beautiful x

  22. Such a beautiful card and like your gold die. Sending prayers for Len and you. Happy Valentines Day1

  23. So glad Len got admitted when he did and that he can be home now. Gold star for Dudley being your protector! Really love your beautiful Robin card--so elegant and classy!

  24. Thank goodness Len is back home Di and you and Dudley can heave a great sigh of relief. It sounds as if Len needs lots of TLC so it's Nurse Di to the fore! You did make me laugh with your 'lying spreadeagled' description! (Of Dudley of course as you say!) Sending love and prayers to you all, Vicky xx

  25. Oh poor Len, I'm sure you both were glad to have him home, and I'll bet he was glad to get home to you both too! That's good they're keeping a close eye on him, all very worrying all the same x
    Ps that was a truly gorgeous robin card for your Avon lady, bet she was delighted


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