Sunday 27 October 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #364

First of all, hope you remembered to switch from British Summer Time to GMT! Or any other clock changes that take place this weekend where you live - an extra hour in bed, whoop, whoop! Darker evenings though, sigh. And Dudley won't know the difference so we could be up at the usual time anyhow, until he gets to know the routine.

Talk about weather for ducks here! Thursday was the worst rain I've seen or been out in for a very long time but we had to take Dudley to try out the new grooming place so no option but to head out with waterproofs and umbrellas at the ready. We dropped Dudley off and as it wasn't worth coming back home we whiled away the time in a nearby Sainsbury's - picking up some shopping then finished off in the supermarket's cafeteria, watching the torrential downpour with coffee and a snack, before almost swimming across the car park back to Len's car to return and collect Dudley. Certainly a day we'd have preferred to have spent at home!

My snippets card today features two dies, which are this fortnight's prize. The sentiment came from another set - one which I hardly ever use and (to me) apart from this sentiment it's very focused on the word 'pink' and works well with flamingos - but I didn't waste money by buying another set to offer when you might only use one of the sentiments. Anyhow, the sentiments set was a Playground prize ages ago.

So, here you go - and yes, I did almost need to lie down in a darkened room to recover after making this - although it really was huge fun, if I'm really honest:
I used:

- DL (4" x 8.25") white card blank

- a tree, die cut from a snippet of brown card using a Memory Box 'Budding Tree' die and kept to one side

- at that point I decided to stamp the sentiment, using the die cut tree to see how it would balance out - I used an MFT stamp from the 'Tickled Pink' set of stamps

- then glued the tree die cut in place using a glue pen

- next, the fun began! I take daily medication as you know, although some of it is now twice daily. Bear with me - this is an idea I promise! Always have problems with tiny die cuts and losing them or messing them about too much - so I dug out a 'once a day' pill organiser box with flip up lids that I no longer use

- and blow me down, there are seven colours in the rainbow so that box stepped in beautifully with seven days to a week

- a lot of weeks ago, I had the idea for this card but to be honest, making it always slightly scared me. I may have seen the idea elsewhere but to me it was just such a great way to use up snippets

- I had tootled into our local DIY store for some paint chips (aka colour samples in the UK) and at the same time picked out the colours of the rainbow - which have been on my desk literally for months whilst I procrastinated. I count them as snippets!

- so, I then die cut the butterflies using a Memory Box die called 'Mini Butterflies' - which I've also had for ages. The die is no more than an inch square and has six little butterflies on it

- that's when lunacy set in it often does here. I cut each colour - six times, they were popped into their own little 'compartment in the pill box! Six times six is 36, times seven - which made 252 butterflies in total. Not that I used that many in the end so there's enough left for at least one, possibly two further cards

- and then, using a glue pen and a pair of tweezers I stuck a load of butterflies onto and slightly around the tree and finished off by adding a stream of them (coming into land on the tree) across the rest of the card, tapering off as I went. I found it easiest to only glue three at a time of each colour to get a more even 'spread' and overall, once I got into a rhythm, it didn't take as long as anticipated

- almost finished until I added a swipe of warm grey Pro marker to 'ground' the tree/cast a shadow and of course it bled through to the inside of the card front - just added a panel across the whole of the inside of the card front to hide it. Job done!

I do love the significance of the sentiment with the host of happy butterflies looking as if they getting ready for a little party in that tree, saying 'Life is better with friends'.

And, the 'Budding Tree' die will be used for lots of other cards here I hope. I had tried to get a Memory Box Arboscello tree die but couldn't track one down. In both cases, by snipping the buds or leaves off, you have a totally bare tree which would look lovely in white against a deep blue background. The tree could then dotted with sparkle for a Christmas card.

I also like that, with one pass through the Cuttlebug, I could cut six teeny butterflies in one go using the 'Mini Butterflies' die. And of course they can be just added individually to cards or perhaps arranged in a circle or similar - lots of possibilities and a great way to use up little snippets. Did find having a glue eraser/rubber was very handy by the way!

A few of us have issues with losing tiny die cuts as we're working. I usually use the upturned plastic top from a finished big tub of cotton buds - but did like the pill organiser to keep those tiny butterflies not only segregated into colours but also with flip up lids in case I accidentally knocked it over or, worse still, onto the floor.

And you already know what the prize is for this fortnight:
A Memory Box 'Budding Tree' die and a Memory Box 'Mini Butterflies' die. I'd prefer not to split the prize - you can always give part of it to another crafting friend of course.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 9th November. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

So, Dudley had a really close cut on Thursday. His ears had been too long and straggly so they've been cleverly trimmed, teensy bit trimmed off his tail - and a lot off the rest of him! To be honest, he's almost too short for the moment but we know it'll only be a week or two until his hair begins to show the benefit of his trim as it grows back. The new groomer is a lovely lady who absolutely loves Dudley. He even came home with a dear little flower (in blue for a boy) on his collar - and not a hint of a razer burn!!

The plan is to take Dudley to her for the full blown trims - and in between those to take him to our local grooming place for a bath, blow dry, nail trim and his paws and pads scissored so he doesn't look as if he's wearing Ugg boots.

He's slept quite a lot since the grooming session, he always does. So, for now, I don't didn't have any new photos of him. He's currently in his favourite position at the stop of the stairs, on his side, fast asleep - with his beloved toy 'Stinky Monkey' within reach of course! NB. Written on Friday - the little tinker is now full of beans on Saturday, eating like a horse and wants to play chase all the time. I think his dignity was just a bit injured to be honest :)

I had a further appointment with my GP during the week and hooray, the uric acid readings are now well below the danger line so, for now, no more blood tests and no more tinkering with the dosage of Allopurinol. 300mg all the way, unless (heaven forbid) it flares up again.

And I haven't mentioned our dear little garden hedgies for ages on here. They're doing great, still coming to feed each night although before long we think they'll hibernate of course. They all look to be a good weight to get them through Winter, which is a relief.

Edit: We just had a 'before and after collage' of Dudley emailed to us by his new groomer, how sweet is that for an idea. He wasn't quite finished in the second photo, his chest still needed more work and some straggly ends to be clipped but the groomer likes to allow the dogs little breaks. I did giggle, he almost looks in a state of shock in the 'after' photo - but in fact he was very relaxed, as well as very white and smelling of baby powder scented shampoo/conditioner, when we arrived to pick him up. He looks as if he's baring his bottom teeth like 'You truly mean you need to do MORE?'. Here he is - and perhaps you can see why I feel he needs a couple of weeks to regain some of his fluffiness and look more like our Dudley again! :)

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Oh my, Di!!!!! Such fabulous post!! Your tree of butterflies is just spectacular, Love, Love, LOVE it!!! Awesome idea and the rainbow colours look amazing!!!! The shadow under the tree makes the scene PERFECT! You have had a lot of patience cutting all the butterflies with a die set!!! I use a punch for my stash-box of butterflies and it's less fatiguing for me.
    LOVE the collage of Dudley "after and before grooming". He seems more young after it! :D LOL The groomer has been very kind!
    I'm very glad that Dudley eats as a horse :D and that your analysis say that all is good, now!
    Yes for the prize (even if I have won in the last challenge, so I don't think to win again)
    Big hugs!

  2. That card is spectacular - so many butterflies and such patience to cut and apply them all. Definitely no lack of snippets here!! How lovely that the groomer sent you before and after photos of Dudley - he looks nice and trim now.

  3. A fabulous card Di and I love your rainbow butterflies - what a great idea to store then in a pill container too! I'll be in the playground soon and would love a change to win this super prize.

    Great before and after photos of Dudley, although as you say he does look rather startled in the last one. He looks like he's saying ' what on earth happened to me!).

    Glad to hear your medication is working okay at the current level and hopefully it won't flare up again. Steve is still at the blood tests and tinkering stage - taking both Allopurinol and Colchicine at the moment to try and get his levels down.

    Kath x

  4. This is stunning Di l love the butterflies and the tree its gorgeous and what a way to use up snippets on the butterflies as always your so creative and just look at Dudley he's such a cutie looks so small having being pampered and not looking as though he's wearing Hugg boots lol top of the stairs seems to be a favourite place to sleep just have to watch you don't stand on him take care and enjoy your day only playing for fun xx

  5. Hi Di - we don't fall back until November this year in Michigan, USA - I am not fond of the time changing twice a year - we really need to go back to the normal routine of the sun and leave well enough alone JMHO - anywhoo - this will be my first time to enter the challenge - thank you for inviting me.

    I am writing "YES PLEASE" for the lovely prize if my number rolls up.

    Your card is stunning with the tree and the lovely colorful butterflies. My goodness - that was a crafting adventure for sure - glue and stick, glue and stick - but then possibly very relaxing as well - as I find crafting does keep me calm. And lookie there-- a masterpiece of art!

    Thank you for the challenge the pictures of Dudley as well - yes, he will be back to a fur ball before you know it but either way, he is a cutie and a keeper ---have a blessed day.

  6. I adore all the tiny butterflies swarming to (or from) the tree, Di. What an incredible effort! Lovely end result. :-D I'll play just for fun this week. I happen to have both of those dies in my collection already but never thought of using them this way. That will change quickly. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. WOW . . . that's a lovely colourful card full of pretty butterflies flying to/from the tree. Great idea. You have definitely got the patience of a saint with all that die cutting and gluing. GREAT RESULTS though.

    Aww love the Dudley pictures. I see he's sticking his tongue out at the groomer in the first picture and smiling his tail off afterwards! Little imp!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. Oh doesn't Dudley look so cute with his doggy hair cut, and as you say give it a week or two and it won't look quite so severe. I love your sweet butterflies flitting over the tree and such pretty colours...a lot of die cutting though but worth the effort. Thanks for this great prize and I am a 'yes please' if I get an entry in. So pleased for you that your uric acid levels have now dropped to keep you on an even keel with your current amount of medication, and it must be a great relief to you. x

  9. First of all, I'm so glad you got a good report from the diagnostic tests! Continued good health and good riddance to that awful gout pain! As for Dudley, his after photo looks like he's sneering. His whole face and ears are drooping - as if to say "I'm not looking my best so don't take this picture!" LOL Dogs are so cute and funny and they have facial expressions just like humans do. So glad he's feeling chipper again after his grooming session. He sure is a cutie and must be an absolute delight for you and Len.
    I just love that fluttering butterfly card! I'd have needed a glass of wine after completing it (and I don't even like wine) LOL It turned out lovely, and I've been wanting some tiny butterfly dies like that for a long time, so it's a yes please for the prize draw this week. Have a great week ahead!

  10. Back again with my card and it has to be a 'yes please' for a chance in the luck of the draw.

  11. GORGEOUS card DI! It must have taken forever to get all those butterflies on there!!!
    Dudley got his "beard" cut! I didn't let them touch Maddie's but I definitely need to trim it for her because it's longer than I thought!
    Playing for FUN this week!

  12. Patience of a Saint Miss Di!! But worth the effort as the card is fab! Good to hear test results were good for you.
    Dudders is growing up fast and the new groomer is doing a grand job by the looks of it.
    Will try and be back with a card as I would love those dies! x

  13. Hi there Di, I love your beautiful card, the butterflies as blossom is fabulous, lovely colours too.
    I tried to upload my card a couple of times each said that my card was too big, fraid I gave up. I notice that some of the cards entered are full size, i was going to have to crop to an extent that you would barely have seen the image, and my card is only a 6x6. Anyhoo, never mind.
    I'm so pleased to hear that your levels are out of the danger zone, you must be so pleased, especially having to not have any more blood tests, well done you.
    Dudley is just gorgeous, he has the sweetest of faces, you take care, Kate x

  14. Hi Di, wow what an amazing card but omgoodnees all those were very brave. Yes please to this super prize. How gorgeous Dudley dog looks..he really is such a cutie. I agree the weather has been dire but today made up for it, just glorious eh! I am so pleased to here that the gout has finally put itself firmly on the very back burner, fingers crossed it stays there. Take care, thanks as always for all your hard work and kindness here in the playground. Hugs xxx

  15. Oh, my, you must have a lot of patience!! Gluing on all those tiny butterflies!! But worth the effort as it's a beautiful colour - just looking at it makes me feel happy. Dudley does look a bit shocked in his partway through grooming photo - not surprised he slept a lot after it as it looks like he had a very thorough grooming! Glad to hear your test results were good!

  16. A totally fabulous card and a brilliant idea.

    Kath x

  17. Oh just look at that transformation! Dudley is a cutie pie no matter what state his fur is in, but to me he looks a bit older & more sophisticated with the trim. Something so endearing about a ball of fluff--always kind of hate to get Fritz cut. Using the pill box is a brilliant idea & so is your card, Di! I'll play for the prize this time.

  18. Wow - doesn't Dudley look handsome!
    Love your snippets card - those dies are perfect for using up snippets!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.

  19. Oh my... those are some little butterflies... and you used a lot of them! But the results are wonderful! Such a bright and cheerful card. I love butterflies so would say yes to this prize. Thanks so much!

  20. A fabulous card Di, so pretty. Dudley actually looks as though he's smiling for the camera in the after photo, he looks so pleased with himself :). I will be a Yes please for the draw. Many thanks x

  21. The card is well worth all the effort! xoxo

  22. It must have been raining around the world as we had downpours yesterday morning as well. We did clear off into a beautiful warm sunny day, although the weather people said it would rain all day. I just love your card Di! It is fun and so pretty. I love all the beautiful butterflies flying right off the tree. I love the sentiment as well, it is so true isn't it?! Dudley is adore with all his hair and without it. lol But with his hair cut, you can see those sweet eyes of his better. Isn't it funny how big they can look with all that hair and then when they get groomed, how tiny they look?! How cool that the groomer sent these photos to you. I love it! Hugs, Brenda

  23. Really really love this card, great use of snippets and so stunning. I will be back to play later and would love to be in with a chance of the prize. So many ways you could use those little butterflies.

    Dudley looking as handsome as ever in his before and after photos, his just so cute.

    Glad your medicine is working long may it continue. Love Nicky

  24. Such lovely dies, yes please to the prize

  25. Beautiful card, Di, love your butterfly tree. What a labour of love sticking on all those tiny butterflies! Thanks for your tip about using a pill box, seven compartments for seven colours of the rainbow - perfect. I'm a Yes Please for the lovely prize this fortnight.

    Dudley is still as adorable as ever. xx

  26. Gorgeous card and Dudley looks so beautiful!!!!! Yes I would like to participate in your challenge and draw!!!! Thanks for everything you do Di!!!! Love, Brigitte

  27. Thank you for the beautiful and colorful inspiration, as well as the giveaway :) Would love to win!!

  28. Gorgeous photos of Dudley. Fabulous card and I love the tree with the rainbow of tiny butterflies. Super prize but I'm just playing for fun xx

  29. Lovely card those butterflies kept you out of mischief! Good to be back with my mates..and would love to be in the draw please. xx

  30. This card makes me happy! Such a joyful card full of colour and alive with butterflies! Absolutely beautiful, Di! And, OMGoodness, could Duddly possibly be any cuter?! He's so adorable and must be such a joy! I think I would have him spoiled rotten! He almost looks like a different dog with his haircut! Glad to hear those little hedgies are still around too - I wish we had them around here! I just linked up my card and I'm a YES for the prize, please! Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

  31. Oh how cool is that card!!!! Dudley is so adorable too. Yes please for me for the prize if my health holds up.

  32. I don't recognize Dudley: he is sooo handsome now!!
    Lia xx

  33. What a pretty card!! I love the rainbow of butterflies, and how fun to have them fluttering away (or perhaps they are congregating to the tree, which would be more in line with the sentiment)! I think I will play just for fun this week, thank you.

  34. So wonderful card. Love the butterflies.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  35. I say miss it's a bit dark and scary ere in the playground. Thought I'd just come and check that nothing was going on behind the bike sheds. Dun trust that Sarn not to be up to sumfinck. Nearly spooked meself in town today. Went zooming round a corner and very nearly tripped over a (I kid you not) 'Dudley' double taking his owners for a walkies!!!!
    Yes please to the prize this time as I used only snippets left over from making the card for the box.
    Hugs me.
    Darn, me torch has given up the ghost and I finck I just seen one too. Eek. I'm outta here!!!!!

  36. Yes please for the chance to win such awesome prize pack. Dudley certainly looks cuter with his fluffiness hair.

  37. All those colorful butterflies: awesome!! I LOVE this card. And I say yes to the prize this time.
    Lia xx

  38. Such a lovely card with colorful butterflies. Yes to the prize.

  39. Cute dragon card - I have never scene a die cut like it. So unusual. Would like to be in the drawing. Dudley is looking good after grooming. My Bichon goes in tomorrow for her beauty grooming.

  40. Hi Di your cards are gorgeous. I just love those dies. So yes please to the prize this time. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  41. Hi Di, I am so impressed with the cutting and gluing of all those butterflies!! And it's just lovely. Love all the happy, pretty colors of them. I'm a yes for the wonderful prize and thank you for the opportunity. Of course my link doesn't work for me so here it is if you would be so kind to add it for me:
    and as always, much appreciated with heartfelt thanks!!! Becca xxoo

  42. YES please Di, include me in the draw. CarolG

  43. What an adorable photo of Dudley - he's very good at posing for the camera now, isn't he? And I'm so pleased the blood tests went well, hopefully the nasty gout will stay well away now.
    Just playing for fun this time as I already have similar dies.

  44. I love butterflies and use a lot of them on cards. Your tree and all those colorful butterflies is gorgeous. I am definitely playing for that prize.

  45. I can tell you are feeling good when you tackle something as tedious and time-consuming as this, Di! But, oh my, it was all worth it! The card is stunning!! Great tip about using the little pill holders for the tiny pieces! And thank you for the before and after photos of precious Dudley! I have Nellie's on my post today. It makes a huge difference, but we love them both scruffy and clean, makes no difference, does it?! Stay well and enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  46. Wow, awesome glue pen and tweezer work. Well worth the effort. Would love to play for the prize. Thanks. Hugz

  47. Lovely card. I love all the beautiful little different colored butterflies.

    Yes, please to the prize.

    I'm beginning to wonder if Dudley and Nellie are related. I noticed that Dudley also rocks the scruffy look as des Nellie.

  48. Amazing card Di - and yes please to the prize.
    Dudley is looking so handsome these days :)

  49. I adore the scattered and colorful butterflies, a stunning proportion!
    Dudley is looking so cute fur baby!

    Count me in for the prize!

  50. Such a beautiful creation you have made with the dies and those stunning-looking butterflies. I started immediately thinking a black-and-gold card with these. It is definitely a YES PLEASE from me for the prize.

    Love the before-and-after-collage of Dudley, that was a nice idea from his new groomer.

    I will be back maybe tomorrow with my creation. Still down with my flu (have had it from last Monday, today is now the second fever-free day) but I try to come up with a post somewhere tomorrow.

    Hugs from Finland,

  51. Wonderful card, Di! I am so glad I was able to join in the fun this round! Yes please for the prize.

  52. I'm glad you are feeling better and Dudley does look so handsome. I have tried the scrapling card since I have tons of those long pieces in my scrap folder. I want to apologize for last month, I think I entered two cards by mistake. I'm sure you took one out of the running, but I just wanted to mention it. YES, please to the prize. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Stunning card, Di. I don't think I would have the patience, but I do use lots of butterflies and that tree die is lovely. So YES please to the prize this time.

    So glad things are well at your house. Glad for the good news on your blood test. I am happy to hear an update on the Hedgies. I am fascinated by your reports since we don't have them here in the colonies! :)

    My nighttime visitors are raccoons, which seem cute when you first see them...but not so much when you see them gorging on the cats' food and barely able to waddle away because they are so fat ($$$$$). Info says they bear 2-5 in their litters...well the ones around here are so well-nourished I think they always bear the max!! Yes, I do bring the cat food in at night....but I hate to leave nothing out there esp in the cold weather because my cats need midnight snacks, too!!

    Thank you for another fun Snippets challenge. Hugs to you and sweet Dudley.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  54. I"m here once again with Snippets. Yea! Love your card and all those tiny butterflies - and will have to play along for the prize this time too. I think every time I see a picture of Dudley, he gets cuter!

  55. Hi Miss Di and Mr. Dudley - PLEASE include me in the draw, thank you! I've used my snippets for this card in spades. xoxo

  56. Hi Di, I'm so glad to hear that your medical results were encouraging! Dudley is looking so handsome - sending hugs to you, Dudley, Parsnip and a 'faux air kiss from a distance' to Stinky Monkey :-)
    I love your stunning card. Yes please to fab prize. April xx

  57. Yes, I'd love to win. Thanks, Di. Sending you and Dudley a hug from Willie. :-)

  58. Hello Di! I love your card! Yes please for the wonderful prize. Thank you very much! :)

  59. Yay! I am so happy I have managed to join in! Its been far too long. Please don't put me in the pot for this prize as I have very similar dies to these. Thank you. I am so glad your medication is working - result! Dudley looks soooooo gorgeous! he definitely has the 'aaaaah' factor! Hugs xxxxxxxxx

  60. I love all your butterflies, super cute!
    I hope the weather is better now and Dudley is just super cute.
    Yea for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx


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