Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 96

This is my desk today............almost clear, and probably a bit boring!!! The pile of rubbish from last Wednesday has gone and I have a packet of Safmat on my desk to play with - yay!! If anyone has any tips, hints or even wants to say I've 'wasted me pennies' then please feel free to say so.

There are some stamped images plonked right in front of where I sit as a stern reminder that I need to get on with making Easter cards :)

I also now have a little plastic basket (deliberately small so I'm forced to empty it regularly) into which small stuff will be dropped ready to put away - and another basket with any totally unusable paper scraps, in ready for the recycling bin. Am a bit ashamed that I hadn't thought of the recycling bit before and also to realise over the past few days how much stuff was going into the waste basket under my desk that could have been recycled. It's OK, I'm not turning into a tree hugger, just that I'm so good about recycling everywhere else in the house - how come I missed in here?!! The sun is shining (and showing that I need to get the feather duster out) and on my little pink laptop there's a lovely thank you card from Elizabeth! Oh, and my tip for the week is to store scissors on a mug tree. It needs to have a fairly sturdy base and I got this one in a local charity shop.

And, at last, I've finished colouring the Penny Black 'Prank Call' image and made up a card:

I kept it fairly simple as I think the image says it all. The little sentiment and meeces paw prints were from a couple of Elzybells stamps - oops, and a few flowers and pearls also managed to sneak in there! The card was already deckle edged so I used a deckle blade in my Woodware trimmer to trim down the backing paper. I'm sure everyone has their own favourite trimmer but, so far for me, this one is the tops and I've bought some as presents. One friend reminds me of how wonderful she thinks it is every time we meet or speak on the problems there for little gifts for her, more decorative blades :))

I know some of you have already signed up to this new card making challenge for St Luke's Hospice in Sheffield. It's being run on a monthly basis, so not too much pressure unless you want to add other entries. Then, if you wish, you can donate your card (by Freepost) to be sold in aid of the Hospice. I think it's a great idea and hope they do well - I'll be joining in for sure.

Make sure you hop over here to Julia's to see what everyone else is up to! I'll be hopping around once I've done the weekly supermarket run!

Lastly, thank you so much to all of you who call by and leave kind comments - I do appreciate it very much.



Franka Benjaminsen said...

What a cute 'Penny Black' card. Love the colours you used. Have a happy & creative wednesday!

HeARTworks said...

Hello from the Philippines Di! The sun is almost always shining here, but I never think of getting a feather duster! What a neat desk you have!
Patsy from

Anonymous said...

Not come across Safmat before so am off to have a google. Your desk is just so tidy and love the mug tree idea. Easy to find everything.
x Tricia (84)

Anonymous said...

haven't got a clue what Safmat is either! Love the card, must send you an email with my contact deets as I'd love a couple of images too. I have a few PB's so I want to send you a piccy to see if I have anything you'd like me to stamp for you. Love the tidy desk this week.

Brenda 98

cebelica said...

Awww, what a cute card! That image is adorable.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, I have absolutely no idea what Safmat is although I've seen it mentioned a few times recently - will be very interested to see what you do with it. Your desk is very tidy and the card is cute - love those meeces to pieces:) Thanks for the link - I forgot to do the same for you but you will see that your card now has pride of place on my whatnot when you visit my blog. You will have got the supermarket shop out of the way by now so I hope your having a great day. Elizabeth x #108 (late to the table today!)

Karen said...

Afternoon Di, the sun is shining here too, its a glorious day! The card looks really beautiful and my what a tidy, creative desk?
Have a lovely Wednesday.

Traceyr said...

That is such a neat and tidy desk and what a great card.


Twiglet said...

Love the mug tree scissor store idea! Great card too.

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

I too bought a Safmat about 2 weeks ago, it is still under my desk unlocked. I thought it was very pricey I'm not really sure why I bought it. Love your storage for the pens and a mug tree for the scissors is a great idea. I just love the card you've done! I also see in the far corner the cake stand Thimbu I was going to get one of those to hold my stamps in but realised I'd need about 8 to hold them all -what do you use it for!
Rebecca xx

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Sorry that was meant to read "still under my desk untouched" !! (not UNLOCKED!!!) D'ohhhh xx

okienurse said...

Very neat desk today. I love penny black stamps! Very nice card you made there! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

Sarn said...

LOVE that mice card! Brilliant!

VERY tidy desk . . . I'm impressed!

Hugs, Sandra (No. 66)

Karen said...

Safmat is supposed to be good, let me know how it goes!

angelfish said...

What a lovely neat desk you have:)
As for my roses, I decided they stuck up too far and used something else instead! Thanks for popping by:)

Fiona x

jude said...

Gorgeous card love the stamp.dont talk about Easter cards i think ive done 2 at least another 6 to go
Hope you have a creative week!
hugs judex9

kaz said...

A very neat desk and very well organized.
Loving your Penny Black Card it's lovely.
Thanks for sharing.
Crafty Kaz.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

A lovely tidy desk there, Di. I am interested to know how you get on with the Safmat. My project for tomorrow is to try making rub-ons using reverse printing on acetate.

Thanks for your visit earlier, and the EZ project is on hold while my blisters heal. It is going to be a lengthy job.

Glen said...

Hello Di. This is my first visit to your blog and I am impressed with your cards - and tidy desk! *Ü* Great tip for the scissors but what is a Safmat? TFS. ~Glen~

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Glad toi be of service! It's been a long time since -kve had a 2ureka moment! Xx
Rebecca x

Mrs Mac said...

WOW that is an incredibly neat desk!!! And that's a great idea with the mug tree :)

Bob told me about expecting a parcel!!! THANKS so much!!!

bernietom47 said...

Wow is your desk ever so neat and tidy! Mine is so small that even after it's cleaned it still looks cluttered. LOVE your card. Great colors! Those mice are so darn cute. Beautifully colored!
Blessings Bernie

Di said...

Thank you all so much for calling by and such sweet comments, love you all - and Bernie, yoiu should just see my wardrobes :)) Di xx

Lavinia said...

Hi Di! Lovely tidy desk! Great scissor storage! Might have to pinch that idea. Great "Prank Call" stamp & lovely card you have made with it! I am rubbish colouring in! forgot how to do it from my childhood. I must practice more. Yes I am Lucky still having my Mum & a future mum in law too! Hugs!

Sue Jones said...

I wish my desk looked that tidy ...EVER!

Nicky said...

Thats not boring its a lovely tidy craft desk all ready for action - love it x