Saturday, 26 March 2011

Magnetic cupcake bookmarks

I found this photo a while back when I was using Piriform Recuva to retrieve some lost files.

I had great fun making them for a friend to sell. They're self-explanatory really - plain white card folded in two with magnet pairs attached on the inside so they flip over the page of your book. The images were stamped and the colouring was done using a mix of Whispers pens (before my days of Aquamarkers) plus some sparkle added using Stickles.

I think the sparkle was appropriate as Becky, who sold them, had a cute shop called Purple Sparkle Crafts. She sold some gorgeous things and her hand made scented candles were amazing, many in the shape of cupcakes. Hence the cupcake bookmarks :) At the moment she's having a little break to concentrate on other things but I hope she opens her online shop for orders again soon! My stocks of her yummy wax melts are running low :(

You might be interested though to see what she's up to right now here - especially if you live in the Bath area.



Karen said...

Cupcakes - who can resist them huh! These are so cute.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, Great bookmarks - I'm looking for bookmark ideas right now as my husband has put in a request, so this couldn't be more timely. Thanks, Elizabeth x

Mrs Mac said...

Excellent! Are the little magnets pricey? I am wondering if to make some bookmarks, as they are less of a commmitment than 'full blown' cards, and might be a way of sliding back into crafting again regularly.... and I am always using scraps of newspaper to mark my page!

Mrs Mac said...

ooo that was a lot of m's!

Di said...

Hi Helena, just spotted this comment. I'll email you about the magnets right now! Di x