Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas money/voucher holders

My OH has a few young rellies with offspring and we always send gift vouchers or cheques for birthdays and Christmas. This isn't laziness - it's quite apparent that they do like having something to spend after all the excitement is over and they also all write to tell us what they bought, which is really cute of them!

This year I've made these - I looked at some ready made ones and thought I could just as good - for about half the price - plus have the fun of making them!

I started off with some tall narrow ivory pearlised cards from my stash - and I did take the trouble to ensure that a cheque would fit nicely into the finished product. The money holders were made by lining the inside of the card (not the whole lot, just the back part to about two thirds of the way along) with paper and cutting the corner off theright hand corner of the front part with Fiskars rounder scissors so that the paper shows - and the all important cheque or gift voucher can be seen peeking out. Then the card was sealed using double sided tape at the left hand end. The holders for 'the boys' (top one) are lined with paper from a Dovecraft Noel paper pad, and I used the same paper behind the gold triple square die cut. I got these die cuts from 'Dies to die for' years ago and have used them in endless ways. Then all I added was some little wooden embellies from my stash and a few gold Anita's Dimensions trees and stars.

The 'girlie' penguin ones were made in a similar fashion - the paper is from a Daisy and Dandelion Christmas themed A5 paper pack (Penelope and Percy) and it's already glittered too. Then all that was needed was to add the penguins (Anita's 3D laser stickers from whence I know not where) - plus a few Anita's Glitterations snowflakes.

I need to add a little rhyme to the back of each one - when inspiration strikes me :)


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