Sunday, 5 September 2010

Birthday card for a Pearly Queen!

The other weekend I had a great time with a couple of school friends - we go back more years than I dare to admit :)

This card is for one of my favourite girlies - Moira - whose birthday is today. We're only a week apart in age so her birthday is easy to remember.

I used one of the House Mouse Bathtime decoupage sets to make this card - appropriate as Moira was wearing some gorgeous freshwater pearls last weekend. I used a pretty mauve patterned card which came in a pack from QVC - not a bad match huh?! Then, after assembling the little fellas onto the image I tickled here and there with a bit of Anita's glaze - the drawer knob centres, some of the perfume bottle and bits of the lipstick. Then, tongue firmly clamped between teeth, I added teeny little individual pearl embellies to the strand of pearls - not as glamourous as Moira's freshwater ones but the thought is there! Final touch was a double layer of organza ribbon - blue and mauve - tied into a bow and stuck through with a couple of pearl hatpin thingies. I know they must have a proper name but that's my name for them! All pearls and the ribbon were from my stash. Aren't they cute little meece - I esp. love the one on the right pulling faces!!

Happy Birthday Mo, I'll be catching you up in a weeks time :)) if you ever let me forget that!


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Karen said...

Oh how cute are those meeces Di??? Loved the idea of making the pearls real ones...well almost real...LOL!