Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mini Picasso at work

My OH's family are likely to come over from Germany this Summer to visit. Little Mia, aged all of three and a half, absolutely loves drawing. This is what her Mum just posted on their 'family only' blog:

Ooops, I think somone has taken to drawing murals - all over the stairs! There are stairgates in place so Mia must have really stretched her arm through to produce this 'work of art' :)

Tee, hee - I've used the label 'distressing' for this posting, have yet to find out if the damage is permanent but I just bet that Mum was very distressed and that someone small had to stand in the naughty corner for quite a while.

The dilemma is - during the possible visit, how do I lock my craft room securely enough! I can't imagine the carnage if Mia gets in here - little scallywag!!



Wipso said...

I think maybe a little bolt high up on the door may be the answer but do make sure she has the chance to come in and play with you when you're there :-)
A x

Di said...

Thanks Annie - I did think of a padlock and chain but the little imp probably would come armed with bolt cutters! I know she'd love to come in and play (under a very watchful eye of course)! Di x

Mary said...

A little artist is born. When my four year old grand daughter saw my craft room, her eyes lit up..., then I took her to her craft area. I had it set up with tons of things to do. I showed her what she could play with and what was Grammy's for her "work". We had a great time and I'm sure you will also. Take photos!

Franka Benjaminsen said...

You can see there's a small artist been walking around. That's gonna be fun this summer.

Twiglet said...

I know the feeling. A friend's little one wrote her name in biro on my magnolia painted hall wall once! Such a lovely plain wall - very tempting to put something on it! You definitely need a BIG padlock on your craft room!

Di said...

Help! Am going to follow Mary's advice, IF I let Little Miss Picasso anywhere near here. Thanks Mary for that :) And of course I'll take photos - she's a real little poser and heartbreakingly beautiful. OK, I'm allowed to be a little bit biased. Di x

cebelica said...

He he he, little artist. :D

The Crafty Elf said...

OMG - Nuff said!