Monday, 11 April 2011

Guess who's coming out to play each night.....Spike!

This isn't my photo (I got it from the internet) but it's one of his rellies:

I love 'hedgy-pogs' and most years we have some in the garden, their courtship is VERY noisy....definitely where the hog bit of their name comes from :)  'Spike' returned about a week ago and each night he (or is it she?) comes to feed (special hedgehog food) and drink (water, not Chablis!) between about 10pm and the early hours.

We've rescued a couple over time - one was obviously unwell as it was wandering during daylight in a bad way (snuggled up on the coir front door mat!) and the other was a really under weight baby when Winter was setting in. We took them to a local wild life sanctuary and both did survive and were returned to the wild. They are just such lovely little creatures and very entertaining to watch - bless! No wonder I love Penny Black's hedgehog stamps so much :)

The Ribbon Girl have some yummy stash once again, the link is on my sidebar - go see! Red, white and blue - just in time for the Royal Wedding :))


Wipso said...

I love them too Di but our eldest little dog loves to play football with them and then comes in with spikes in her bleeding nose so I have to discourage them from coming into our garden. :-(
A x

bernietom47 said...

How sweet. We don’t have them here. Love those Penny Black hedgehogs too.

Ribbon Girl said...

Hello Di - can I come down for some salmon and cucumber sandwiches? Mary G from the ribbon girl x

Di said...

For anyone who doesn't know, I left a comment on the Ribbon Girl Blog saying that tradition here is to celebrate watching Royal Weddings whilst having salmon and cucumber sandwiches and Bucks Fizz :) I think Mary G liked this idea! Di x

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Oooh must check out this ribbon girl site! I love hedgehogs too - I expect it's just you drinking the chablis then?!
Happy Monday
Rebecca x

Karen said...

We too tend to get Hedgehogs in our garden, sometimes they hibernate over the Winter right down at the bottom of our garden. They are such a cute little animal!

Mary said...

Hedgehogs are so sweet looking. We don't have them here. We have Porcupines, which might be their much bigger cousins...they are not nearly so cute as Hedgehogs. Thanks for sharing your little garden tale.