Monday, 27 February 2017

Just a little point

Quite a few times I've noticed some lovely cards and makes where the blogger has said they'll be linking into the Snippets Playground. And then they don't do it!

I know it can be hard if you do a scheduled post to remember to go back and make sure you actually link up to the challenges you list. But, it seems such a shame to me - even if you aren't playing for a prize - being linked means that folk will visit you and comment. I certainly will!


  1. I'll be linking up tomorrow's blog post in a moment :)
    Em xoxox

  2. How odd! I guess that is why I rarely schedule posts...

  3. I always try to remember to look at my blog posts to make sure they appeared on schedule and to make sure I didn't say I was going to link to something and haven't done it yet. Pretty much every card I make could be a snippet one these days. I should remember to say I'm going to link to you AND do it. (Now watch, every card I make now will be cut from scratch... no snippets).

  4. Gee, hope I'm not missing out! I try to link up and support as many challenges as I can but I'm sure I miss some when I'm linking up. I'll take a good look next time! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I have almost done this in the past Di! I agree, it's a shame to miss out on getting some love from beautiful people! I hope we all check to make sure we are linking up. Including me!!! lol A good reminder Di, so thank you! Hugs, Brenda


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