Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another sunny day in Andalucia - and a boat!

Whoop, whoop - ship ahoy, avast ye landlubbers - 'Master and Commander' calling from Sunny Spain.

Yesterday I posted that we'd bought a boat - yippee, brilliant...'a life on the ocean wave' etc. etc.! It's really massive and I'm already working out where my crafty room will be - there might even be room for two craft rooms!! Also room for loads of visitors - interested?

Although there a few little things to sort out first. Nothing too major though dontcha think? It was a real bargain too:

In fact, they almost paid us to take it away. Bernie, eat your heart out for such a bargain - this is bargain hunting beyond compare :)

OK, so I jest (tee, isn't for sale) and I'm amazed at just how this boat landed up right where it is! If you look closer, it's on the inside of the harbour wall - perched precariously as if it just dropped in for a quick siesta. They don't have Tsunamis here and this is beyond me - it wasn't here last time we stayed so perhaps some local intelligence from the Cat and Dog Shelter ladies today might throw some light on the situation. If I find out, I'll let you know  - and if we win the Lottery and do buy a cruiser here I'll also let you know and we could have crafting conventions in the sun.....but don't hold your breath, not even for a nano second!!!



Bernie said...

OMG Di I laughed so hard I cried. My hat's off to you, I can‘t compete. LOL! If you get it leveled and still on dry ground I’ll hop over for a sleep over and a bit of crafting. You put it in the water and all bets are off, I get sea sick in the bath. I hope you ferret out an interesting story on how it got there. Good luck with the lottery.

Di said...

Ho, ho Bernie - your comment made me laugh in return :) No luck as yet about how it got there. Hugs, Di xx

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Once you finish a few Margaritas etc . .. that boat'll just seem level to you! No worries! LOL!

Hugs, Sandra

Sue said...

LOL I was so envious for a few mins! I do think it would make a GREAT craft ship..Count me in.

Wipso said...

Looks like you are having a fun time Di. Thats just the sort of boat I'd on dry land :-)
A x

Sandra said...

So funny............:) Sandra H

Karen said...

Excellent Di!!! Perhaps we could have a crafting session on the ocean wave, not so sure about sea legs on that ship though. Maybe stick to dry land for now. :-)))

MaggieC said...

Can't wait to hear the true explanation. Love your crafting table.