Sunday, 27 February 2011

Just lounging around - birthday card

I made this card quite a while back:

It's one of my favourite Penny Black stamps - called Uplifting Occasion :). I can tell it was made some time ago but I did put my heart and soul into it! Isn't it odd looking back at cards we thought were so 'right' at the time and then realising we certainly would have been marked as 'could do bettter'. Even the photo is blurred. Tee, hee!



  1. Thanks for the colouring tips Di! I love purple as you know, well all shades of it too! I'm going to have a go later when I get back from a 'girlie lunch' with some friends. xXx

  2. Hope you have a super lunch honey! Just a good old natter will be good - plus no cooking this evening, yay! Di x

  3. Sweet image! Love the colors.
    Blessings Bernie


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