Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sympathy card

As my friend Moira knows, if our parents abandoned us had to leave us behind at boarding school in Germany, due to our Dads being posted back to the UK, they had to appoint guardians for us. This happened to me and a really lovely couple called Alice and Frank, who were good friends with my parents, took me under their wings for half term breaks etc. I think the main reason was in case they needed to sign for any emergency operations and so on and I felt very treasured because, although they had no children of their own, they coped admirably with a 17 year old lovesick teenager!

Sadly, my adopted 'Auntie Alice' died a week ago and I sent this card to Frank - they had been married for over 50 years I believe. I kept it simple yet as elegant as possible, given that Alice was always such a quietly elegant lady herself - the image is a Penny Black one - 'Letters and flowers'.

RIP Alice and thinking of my lovely 'Uncle Frank' - so very sad.



Wipso said...

What a beautifully simple card Di.
A x

Di said...

Thank you Annie! Di x

Paula Gale said...

what a lovely card Di. This really is a calming card and will be well received.


Paula x x x

Paula Gale said...

I meant to also add that how sad that Alice has died - poor Frank. Its nice that you have fond memories of them both.

Paulax x x