Wednesday 4 January 2012

WOYWW - 135

Happy New Year to anyone who just hops in here on Wednesdays - here's hoping that 2012 is a good year for you!

I plan for this to be the year I truly organise my unmounted stamps. I spent ages searching for a couple of Ching Chou Kuik stamps the other day (I only possess two - shame) and finally realised that it's time to bite the bullet here. First up will be the unmounted 'sentiments' stamps:
Not good photos, and a drop in the ocean compared to what I'm sure loads of other people have - but still unmanageable for me......I like neat, organised and tidy. I don't always achieve it but this is really bugging me! How the organising will be done is now decided - although it could take some time :) Of course, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be delighted to hear them. My thoughts for now are in files, on laminated sheets within page protectors (in a nutshell although there's more to it than that).

Talking about sharing ideas - yesterday, yet someone else asked me about the Josy Rose hot fix nail heads I often use on cards - such as at each corner of the image on this one:
This idea is absolutely stolen from the lovely, and super talented, Jules of Always With a Heart. Not only does Jules produce fabulous and inspirational cards - she is always so helpful if you ask what certain things are or how she does things and I got this idea from her a little while back. So you know what nail heads are, although I bet loads of you already do know, here's my little box of tricks:
Aha, this is more like being organised :) Just an A4 sized Really Useful Box containing a couple of small clear storage boxes and a hot fix wand, stand and heads plus one of Len's old cotton handkerchiefs.
A closer look at the hot fix wand, heads and those little pieces snipped from Len's 'err, snaffled' handkerchief. I use a little piece of cotton material between the nail head and the hot tool when I'm fixing it. I don't think that Jules does but, not having the steadiest of hands, it stops the tool scratching the coloured surface of the nail heads. 
And above are the little beauties :) I think I might have every colour in the 4mm round ones but only a selection of the 5mm star and 6mm heart shaped ones. They really are such fun to use - and being much flatter than gems will keep postage costs down too!

This isn't advertising (which is against WOYWW rules anyhow), and I'm certainly not in any way linked to this website - but if you want to know more then here's the link to Josy Rose. They sell all sorts but the link will take you directly to the 'hot fix nail heads' page. You might get hooked like me!

So, the first Wednesday of the year beckons - time for a hop round to see what everyone else is playing with - go to our hostess Julia's here to join in the fun. I had a good laugh when I saw her posting for today - seems she is also suffering a crisis over stamp storage! Take a cup of coffee with you - you could be some time :) Happy WOYWW!!



  1. I'm up for anything that keeps the postage down Di and love the effect they give [especially as that particular card is rather close to my heart :-) ].
    Happy 2012 to you and yours. Hope you have many many happy creative hours in the year ahead.
    A x

  2. Well you learn something everyday.Never heard of them until i read your post today.Intresting.I also have to start and re sort my stamps just wasitng for sdomemore sheets to arrive hopefully today so i can make a nother binder.Have fab wednesday thanks for sharing
    judex 10

  3. Morning Di . . . loving your photo's today! Happy WOYWW.

    I store my unmounted stamps in Stampendous Thins containers which you can get from Sir Stampalot - VERY useful they are too.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Morning Di, Well l can see there's a lot of Mounting to be done sooner you than l did at one time had to do this too and then l stored them in empty CD Cases they are the best for storage (l think so anyway) and you can label them or just photo copy a picture of the stamp and included with the stamp in the cd case hope this will help with your storage:) Sandra H

  5. Mornin' Di, the first time I heard of Josy Rose nail heads was on Jules' blog as well but I didn't realise they were "hot fixed". I think I'll stick with gems & candi. lol. They do look effective though.
    Sally x

  6. Di - I'm pleased I asked about the nail heads, gonna check if I can afford it with your link, I had some money for Christmas so fingers crossed!!! Anything to keep postage low is good in my book!! Karen x

  7. Well I have never used those little nail heads but they are so cute. I stitched buttons to all my Christmas cards and ended up paying for a large letter stamp on them all - brainless!! Happy New Year Di! x Jo

  8. I have never used these little nail heads before, they look great must try out x x thanks for the tip, Hugs May x x x x

  9. I love that box of pretties!! I could happily sit and riffle through all those lovely colours... I'm easily pleased really :D
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  10. I am another who has never used the nail heads either, but I will keep my eyes open for them in future. My tip for reducing postage came from someone else, but I am ashamed to say I can remember who. You need a Helix Pricing in Proportion Ruler, and a set of labels which point out that the card will fit through the hole so does not incur the higher postage. It seems to work and it is surprising just what will fit through for the lower postage rate. xx Maggie #73

  11. Oh Maggie - laughing here 'cos I think it might be this posting of mine quite a while back on WOYWW that gave you the idea about the ruler and labels?

    Di xx

  12. Nail heads huh? hmmn will have to look into them!!


    Lou WOYWW

  13. Hello Di, I'm not sure there is a perfect storage system for our stamps - mine are all in DVD cases but I still have problems locating just the stamp I need! Nail heads - I've been intending to follow up on these ever since I first saw you and Jules using them but still to get round it - might just follow your link today. The card, just in case I haven't said it before, is lovely. All the best, Elizabeth x #60

  14. Hi Di. Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. You sure have a need for some organising, but it will be worth it when it is done. I have large lever-arch files filled with laminated A4 sheets (trimmed slightly so they fit), inside plastic pockets. I also have a sheet of plain white paper in each pocket. When I get a new stamp I find the first suitable space in the relevant file, stamp the image on the paper with it's make/name, and fix the stamp to the back of the laminated sheet. So now I just flick through the file and see all the available images on the topic I want. I have a file labelled, 'Florals', one for 'Trees and leaves', 'backgrounds', 'swirls and flourishes', 'Animals' etc. I have even removed any stamps I had on wood blocks, backed them with EZmount and added them to my files. I have to confess I have 16 files, all bursting at the seams, and it took me ages to do it, but it is now so very much easier to find the image I want, and flicking through the files regularly, means that I am less likely to forget what I have!
    Now I am off for another look at the hot-fix nail heads. I did investigate them once, when a magazine did a feature on them, but it looks as though they have made some progress with 'designs' in heads since then. Kate x

  15. Whoop, whoop Kate! This is almost exactly the way I've been planning to do them!! But eek, I hope I don't end up with 16 files worth - my wooden stamps will have to stay that way I suspect :( So glad you hopped in and confirmed my thoughts! Di xx

  16. Hi there Di. Thanks for finding me in this WOYWW bringing up the rear at #92! Yikes. I'm going to have to get up at midnight my time and see where that gets me! haaa

    I have never heard of nail heads. Oh, but you have them organized so beautifully. Reminds me of when I was doing beadwork. Little gems.

    I have just started buying the cling stamps and don't have too many. I put a hook in my closet and have them hanging from it (in their original packaging. I've thought of removing all my SU sets and making them into unmounted but don't want to take the time to do it. Plus if I want to sell any on ebay then their value would be affected.

    Hugs to you, my across the pond friend!!

  17. Sorry, Di, I really must write down where I see these good ideas. I am now having trouble typing as I managed to do just what you shouldn't when using my brand new vegetable slicer, and sliced ME!!! Oops - not a good idea. Love and apologies, Maggie #73

  18. That’s an impressive collection Di!
    I’ve got one of those too but don’t use it nearly enough, so maybe you’ve given me the nudge I need to play with it more.
    Love the tip about using a piece of cotton between the wand head and the gems too. I quite often find that mine slips when trying to fix them so I’ll give that a go the next time I use it.

    Happy Crafting!
    And a Happy New Year.

  19. You're gonna have to call me stupid here, but I still can't see what it is you do with that wand thingy and the nail heads!! As to storing stamps, I don't think there's a prefect answer frankly, just whatever you find that works best for you!

    Brenda 76

  20. Hi Di! Happy Noo Year!!

    Love the nail heads, will go investigate later. I keep all my clear stamps in big rig binders (6 of at the moment, but growing all the time!) Labelled, so Christmas, Florals, B utterflies, Sentiments etc. I have found the hole punched clear plastic wallets with a flap and a pocket on the front (intended for a CD) are fab!Much stronger than the ones for papers that open at the top.

    I don't bother with laminating, I stamp the image on white A4 card, place a sheet of acetate over the top, and hey presto, stamp clings to acetate directly over the stamped image! I then slide the whole lot into the wallet and pop it in the ring binder.

    I spent a fun afternoon sorting them all out and deciding on catefories, made matching labels for the spines of all binders and they sit happily together. Easy to find what I want, and portable for classes too!

    Have fun sorting!

    Debs x (#98)

  21. The nail heads are very cool. I'd be afraid that I'd hot fix them to myself though.

    I have a hard time deciding what to do with the clear stamps too so I'll keep an eye out on what you come up with. I'm a big out-of-sight-out-of-mind person so I need to keep them where I will run across them or else I will forget I have them.

  22. Hi Di! I was looking for a system this past year to and came up with one... stop by my place an look under the tab at the top "Things that Work for Me" it's the first think showing. I converted to this systme back in Aug and am still very pleased with it... if you have questions let me know!!
    Love your other ideas too!!!!

  23. Hello Di

    Your work spce looks brilliant, I like the idea about nail heads, must investigate.


  24. Happy New Year, Di. I hope it's a good one for you and yours.
    I must admit than since I organised my stamps last year life has been so much easier and it's lovely to be able to lay your hands on what you want without digging through boxes and getting totally frustrated with chaos. I like neatness too but am generally not very good at it!!
    Nail Heads are a new one on me. These look like they need checking out. Your box looks like lots of sweeties, I love it!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  25. Hi Di. If you take a look back to my post on 17 April 2011 you can see the books I make for my unmounted stamps. I have a few different books now - oops! I use the Tim Holtz replacement inserts for his books so you dont necessarily have to "stick" the stamps to the pages as you can slip them inside.
    I also make books for the unclingy ones using zip folders from Rymans!
    Nice post today and I may have to look at the link!

  26. Well, how very interesting, I've had some of those nailheads for years, originally from the Glitter Pot, but, I have refrained from using them lately as the GP no longer do them (or if they do, I am looking in the wrong place)so now I know that I can use them as I can get replacement stock. Thanks so much for that, you R a fountain of knowledge or should that be 'a bit of a drip', lol, lol, lol, soz couldn't resist that.

    Good luck with the sorting of the stamps, there is so much I need to sort out here too.

    Kath x

  27. Good to come and have a nosey - I'm with you about wanting to be organised - but somehow I never achieve it as much as I want to (I admit to being a perfectionist, but have to settle for less) - I've tried different systems for storing unmounted stamps - still not sure that my present system is the best - might try changing it all again soon - lol! One thing I do love is Really Useful Boxes - I've got loads of them (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  28. A great first crafty peek of the year. What a fantastic collection of gems, I give up a bit on the teensy ones, but may dig them out again for another go... Happy new year!

  29. Hi Di

    How spooky is this?

    I store my nail heads in exactly the same way .. .. except for my wand.

    Mine is out all of the time fixed to the side of an old wardrobe (with no doors) using a bulldog clip. The poor thing gets so much use it must have really enjoyed the Christmas break!!! LOL!!!

    As you can probably tell my craft pod is super posh LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  30. Ah bless you Di, I'm really not against you recommending or blowing the trumpet of a shop or product or even mentioning a sale or mega exciting workshop..I try to avoid people liking up when it's just a direct post full of links to their shops or TV shows, particularly if they don't visit anyone's blogs or comment in between....does that make sense? I should make this clear on WOYWW really. I just hate having to type a list of nagging 'don't's whe I want it to be all about the 'do'!!
    I amin aggers over clear stamp storage, I do not know the best way to go..I have them on laminated sheets. They don't stay on and are still diffcult to 'see'. Am seriously thinking of sleeping with Mr D and get him to make me some wood blocks, and just mount the lot. I miss wood mounts.

  31. Another darling card! When you are done organizing can you hop across the pond to my house???

  32. Another tool to buy my Pixie friend! Whoop whoop! I've never done any of that before it's like bedazzling something and I love to do that! I had the same problem with unmounted stamps and I went to the dollar store and picked up CD cases in packages of 3 for a dollar. The cases have to be the old thicker ones as there are new thinner ones that don't work. I just pop out the the plastic insert that holds the CD's and then add my unmounted stamps. I also add a strip of white paper on the inside edge to name the stamps (ie House Mouse, LOTV etc.) My other method is plastic baseball card collector sheets. I slip the unmounted stamps into the pockets and store the sheets in a binder. Both ideas work for me.
    I've just spent the last two weeks sorting, tossing, rearranging, stacking and packing every inch of my home. Big job but necessary! Ha! You should see my craft space, it is quite clean ...for now! LOL

  33. I also started organizing my stamps (2 wks ago) using cd cases as storage, however the majority of them are still stuffed in a drawer, hope u hav more luck in organizing yours :)

  34. My stamps are in hanging file folders. Not exactly the best way to store them, but in a small apartment, its the best I could do! I love those hot nail heads, I'd never seen them before, thanks for sharing!

    Katie #81

  35. You are soooo organised.... freaks me out a bit actually... it all looks so delicious and creative and wonderful though so maybe I need to take a leaf from your book... happy woyww...xx

  36. I took my photos for WOYWW first thing on Wednesday morning and forgot to post them....I will have to start next week :)

    I've just photographed my UM stamp storage and will add it to my blog later.

  37. Hi Di I had not heard of the nail heads either- until I read this post. Will have to investigate of course. Love the box of pretties. I am trying to find an alternative way to store my stamps- they have outgrown their current home. Can't think how that happened. Wishing you a very Happy and Creative New Year. Anne x

  38. I can't wait to see your finished storage solution for all your clear stamps, mine are a right mess at the moment so ideas would be welcomed. I also love the josy rose nailheads as recommended by Jules, not as organised as you though and mine are still in the packets lol but must say I do love them. Hugs, Amanda x

  39. Happy New Year Di - Late nosey round the blogs but enjoying it love the hot nail heads never heard of them before can see I will NEEEEED some of them soon lol


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