Friday 20 January 2023

Friday Feast - Slow Cooker Panackelty

... or, as my Mum always said, 'Panhaggerty'. Recipes differ around the North East of England, more than I realised until recently.

I did publish my Mum's 'posher' version of this recipe, goodness knows how many years ago on my blog and this is the LINK ...... if you have leftover roast beef and some rashers of bacon, in place of corned beef. 

However. and this makes sense in these times, I think I've come across the original 'Paneklty' version - which uses corned beef rather then left over roast beef and some bacon rashers. Could easily make a meal for four with extra veggies.

I've also experimented with this recipe. twice using the slow cooker and it works wonderfully well. Right now, in times where we're all watching our pennies - this is THE most scrummy casserole. Probably best served up with some dark green cabbage or kale - and possibly a dollop of horseradish sauce:


1 340g can of corned beef - I use low salt  - sliced (I do find that slicing the whole block in two from top to bottom once it's out of the can,  then cutting smaller slices is easier - even easier it it's chilled straight from the fridge

2 large onions, halved and thinly sliced

4 large potatoes (baked potato size) - peeled and thinly sliced

200 ml hot gravy made using the water, two beef Oxo cubes and a tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce or similar (eg Henderson's) 


Heat the slow cooker to high - mine is 3.5 litres - good for a family of two and even up to four - but you must check as appetites do vary
Then do all the slicing as detailed above 

Add half the sliced onion into the slow cooker and then top with half of the corned beef slices and then a layer of half the thin potato slices

Do the same again with the next layer - and you obviously will end up with a layer of potato slices. Nice if they're overlapped a little too

Add the hot Oxo with the Worcestershire sauce mixed in - just pour it over your beautifully layered supper

Pop the slow cooker lid down and walk away leaving it on high for around three and a half hours. Usually that's long enough and a skewer 'poke' will tell you if the potatoes and onions are cooked. Thereafter - I turn it to 'slow' or even 'keep warm' depending on your slow cooker model and then decide what nice green veggies to have with it. Enjoy ......... and also use a slotted spoon to aid in serving!

Happy cooking!




  1. Oh, this takes me back. My mum used to make this a lot. My brother and I used to fight for the more crispy potatoes around the edge. He died recently, very suddenly, so I have tears running down my face as I type this. But it's a good memory. So thank you. xxx

  2. There's a chap in my house who would love this me thinks, I've just put my crock pot on with some beef and red wine but problem I always have is I rarely eat meat and to make the process worthwhile there's far too much for one person - who benefits, four sets of furry four legs of course! Is a solution I guess, but a smaller crock pot.

    B x

  3. sounds yummy! On these rainy gloomy days, this would be a game changer for me :) TFS!

  4. This sounds delicious, Di. Thanks for the recipe. xx

  5. Looks and sounds delicious - about the only time I use tinned corned beef!

    Happy Friday


    1. Same here - I don;t like it offered in a sandwich for example! Euch! x

  6. I'm not all that keen on corned beef, but cooking like this sounds delicious. I may give this a go, and thank you for the recipe Di. x

  7. Looks and sounds yummy, but there is no mention made of the bacon past the ingredients list - I assume it's chopped in with the meat layer?

    1. Huh? This version doesn't have bacon in, I don't see it in my ingredients list. I think you might be confusing my Mum's recipe which I linked to? x

  8. Looks lovely and sounds very economical in the current climate. Thanks for sharing xxx

  9. I haven't got a slow cooker or air fryer, looks like it may be a good idea, especially with a yummy recipe like this. Thanks Di.

  10. My granddaughter and l had this last week and its delicious the corn beef makes it go a long way enough for more than one meal so nice that your showing the recipe many more should try it easy to prepare and cheap to cook xx


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