Sunday 9 October 2022

What a week!

So busy, so much going on - and I suggest you just hop on over the Snippets Playground to see the results of the previous challenge. Like Sarn, I'm really delighted to see that our playmate Suzanne H has set up a blog so she can still come and play with us! Go Suzanne! Just shout if you do ever need help.

We, please note the use of we, met Arnie a couple of times this week whilst out walking Dudley. Arnie is 'Dudley's Bestie' in the whole wide world and the adoration and hugs for one another between those two dogs is incredible! Those doggie hugs are so special to see. For me, having  having finally properly met Arnie close up, he really is so very adorable - his tail is like a little black propeller! He was a rescue dog and I just cannot get my head around how that came about - he fell on 'all four paws' certainly with such a sweet family! When we're out and I'm over the enchantment of just smiling and gazing at them, on their hind legs and hugging, I'll take a photo for you to see on here.

We've had days worth of no hot water, as well as other home plumbing issues this past week, so no snippets card got made. British Gas Home Care stinks! Their administration and also their almost non existent telephone service is diabolical to say the least.

And, after such a long time, literally years, I've been out and about with Len and Dudley, as a family this week - on woodland walks and to such lovely places I never realised were even within such close walking reach from our house. No car journey needed to reach them - amazing and magical!

I leave you to guess just how I went on those very happy and beautiful 'walks' with my boys - and what absolute freedom and joy doing that has brought back into my life.

Answers on a postcard! And for the very few friends who do know - don't squeal until the reveal!

Happy 'Purple Peril' Bunny here!



  1. Boo to British Gas Home "Care" - a misnomer if ever there was one!
    I'm so very glad you enjoyed your freedom this week! xxx

  2. Great to hear you were able to get out and about Di - a mobility (purple) scooter by any chance??
    Looking forward to seeing photos of Arnie and Dudley.
    Isn't it frustrating when the big (monopoly) companies decide that service is a dirty word....

  3. Service - with or without a smile - seems to be in very short supply nowadays. Hope your issues with British Gas are solved. So pleased to hear you've been out and about with your lovely boys - purple sounds good 🤣😂.

  4. Customer service seems to be a thing of the past everywhere these days. I hope you can soon resolve those heating issues, and I look forward to seeing pictures of Dudley and his bestie :)

  5. So glad to hear you're out and about Di, look forward to your big reveal ;). It definitely does your soul good to get out to the woods.
    Hope you get your heating sorted, customer service with some companies is a disgrace, especially considering how much you're paying for it!!

  6. Good to hear you are getting out into the woods, how exciting. So looking forward to the huggy photos! Hopefully your trials with BG will be over soon. My mum has had endless trouble as she can't access her online account an no-one can help her sort it out. A switch is due I think!

  7. Sadly we all will have problem with gas this autumn/winter, especially we that are still in EU... :( are making tests of interruption of services for when they decide that it will be time. In Italy they say they’re going to cut the power directly from the meters, so we can’t have the electric stove and the washing machine on together, for example...
    Looking forward to see a photo of Dudley and his best friend Arnie, I'm so curious to see their hugs and happy faces!! :) And I'm so happy you founded a wood to walk near home with your family :) and enjoyed it so much!! How beautiful are little things that make us feeling free? :D
    Hugs and cuddles to the furry boy called Dudley!

  8. Sorry to hear about your BG problems but thrilled you have been able to get out and about, I have a good guess how, we will see if I am right! Can't wait to see the cuddling friends. Big hugs! Take care xxxxxxx


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