Wednesday 21 September 2022

Hello again!

Sarn and I are popping back up from the Period of National Mourning, after the loss of our beloved Queen, Elizabeth the Second. Nip over to The Snippets Playground to see what the new challenge #437 has in store!

I have no card to offer as time here in Great Britain has almost stood still with shock initially, for 10 days, much of it in painful silence, watching TV and grieving for our Queen. 

But, on the upside - Sarn did use yesterday to clean the Playhouse, oil the swings and sort out the stuff we both just dropped, 10 or so days ago, ran off and left. I got sent to the wholesalers for even more Autumn cocktail ingredients - with orders to look for Halloween decorations! UK isn't too hot on Halloween, help! And little Dudley has been stoically sweeping up Autumn leaves and basically giving the place a good polish! Anyone for a highly polished slide ride courtesy of an over keen Havi - wheeeee!? 10 pence a go - as charged by the little gangster! So, I think we're surfacing and at some point very soon things will return to the old mayhem! HMTQ wouldn't want us to carry on grieving - but to remember her with joy and love - for sure!

Do come and join us HERE!


  1. Love your cheery post Di - yes, it was a shock for us to wake and learn our Queen had passed - I admired her immensely. I sat up until midnight to watch the service, and then next afternoon caught up on the balance of the ceremonies an a delayed broadcast...
    Well done on making the most of the time to sort and clean and get the tree house prepared for the coming season

  2. I know it's been a hard time for you, but I'm sure you're right--HMTQ would want everyone to carry on as she did her whole life. As I've said before, I admired her class & decency in a world where that seems to be few & far between when it comes to leaders. I'll be interested to see what you come up with for the Autumn cocktails!

  3. Good to hear you and the lovely Sarn are emerging from the "fug" of the last two weeks, with a little help from the lovely Dudders!
    Take care

  4. Did you remember to get us the higher flying broomsticks I requested?

    Great post my friend. Need some good humour and fun at present xxx

  5. I sure did order the higher flying broomsticks! However, Dudley refuses pointblank to sit behind either of us without a crash helmet, parachute - AND L plates dangling from the back of said broomsticks. Am currently trying bribery here but he's digging his paws in - no safety measures, no flying Havanese behind either of us! x

  6. So good to see the playground is open again l had missed you but understandable to close it x


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