Sunday 28 March 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #398 - results

Did those of you over this side of the Pond remember to 'spring forward' your clocks?  Lighter evenings ahead!

First of all, the picks:

Alice always makes such intricate cards - this one is a perfect example. What really caught my eye though is the woven background. Mind you the whole card is gorgeous as usual. The background is made from packaging material saved by Alice - sort of woven strips, very environmentally friendly and also an extra gift for crafters if some is used in their parcel! I did receive some very similar wrapping protecting a Pyrex jug from Ocado  - and Dumbo here thought how environmentally friendly it was but she then just popped it into the recycling bin!

What a brilliant way to use up snippets of card strips! Janice is a whizz at coming up with new and clever ways to use up snippets, ways that we can all CASE. This one is on my list for sure!

Liz will happily fiddle around with tiny snippets and come up with a beautiful result. This card is so lovely, and bad me, am supposed to be on a 'craft budget' as I have far too much stuff yet to be used, just couldn't resist adding this gorgeous die to my collection. 

I call it 'enabling' when people use something new and others follow suit. Most, in fact 99%, of us are more than delighted to share ideas. Copying a card or make is different and shouldn't be done without following politeness and decency, but being so taken with a stamp, die or tool is quite different altogether, IMHO. That's why I always make sure I write in my blog posts exactly what I used to make something - I'm delighted when someone subsequently says they had to skip out of the Playground and go shopping!

That's my picks from Challenge 398 in the Playground, busy here today (Saturday) so I've stuck to the three picks limit. We had 42 entries and no new Playmates.

Now for the prize draw which is for a 'two-parter', both parts are by Stampin' Up and very kindly donated by Lesley. A 'Time of Year' set of stamps as well as a lovely bold' Happy Birthday' die, and the winner is:


Congratulations Janice! I did smile when your name popped out as you do finally seem to have broken the really long 'dry' run you had before winning a prize back in December - and once again, you're also a pick at the same time as being the prize winner!

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Challenge 399 HERE, , which is in Ruby's Memory. The prize is a really lovely Stamping Bella stamp set (called 'Tiny Townie: Dawn Loves Her Doggie'), donated by Ruby's Mum, Lynne in NI.

Do please see if you can share your inspiration and ideas for using up snippets, with them being the focus of the card if possible.

Our post is finally back to normal thank goodness - some items sent just within the UK to me took over three weeks to finally be delivered here. With a return to 'normality' in the sorting office I've finally sent out all the overdue prizes - phew!

Next week it's the beginning of challenge 400. I have what I think is a special prize lined up and it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible coming to play.

Dudley is still patting and licking his 'babies' in the doggie bed. I do so wish I could take a photo of him when I'm doing his daily grooming session. If Len pops his head in the room where I groom him, Dudley sheepishly behaves himself so it's unlikely he could take a photo or three of the antics. And I need both hands free for the 'wrestling match'.

Dudley operates his resistance strategy like this:

Stage one: Lie flat on the table and tuck front paws firmly underneath body and keep rear end raised so back paws can also be tucked away. So the back gets brushed then combed

Stage two: Oh dear, she's going in for my ears so I now sit up and move my head from side to side like a demented doggy ornament on the parcel shelf of a car - I'm saving the frothing at the mouth trick for a real emergency!

Stage three: That's mean, sitting up means my underparts and front paws are accessible - so Mom aims for those after doing my ears and face

Stage four: Party trick time now - up onto hind legs like a sitting up bunny with front paws waving to either side out of reach and keep pulling first one back and then the other until we're both exhausted

Stage five: Ooooh, now my tummy's being groomed, watch where you use that comb! 

Stage six: Stand upright on all four legs as if posing for Crufts Dog Show judging - exposing sides and four legs - it's tiring sitting up like a boxing hare so slowly I'm allowing some leeway and they're now groomed

Stage seven: Just my plume of a tail and back end left now, it's interesting so I keep whipping my head round for a look - and perhaps a quick sniff at the same time

Stage eight: Uh, oh - eye pads are being reached for now to clean my eyes. Time to lie down again and see if I can put my paws over my face

Stage nine: Double uh, oh - big doggie wipe packet being flipped open - this is where I go into flat 'seal' mode again. Nope, still had my muzzle wiped, then up onto legs for my watering and pooping areas to also be wiped - so undignified

Stage ten: final check over then a squirt of conditioning spray, with the aroma of rosemary, quick final comb then I can leap into Mom's arms ready to be lifted down. All over ................. until tomorrow! 

At this point Dudley races around the house like a mad thing before settling down for a good session - grooming his beloved monkey. I wearily pack everything into the grooming basket and look forward to the next time - and a glass of restorative wine! And wonder if I can perfect the art of lifting him right down onto the floor without suffering a well aimed kick of his back legs as he leaps to freedom.

In fairness, although it's a bit of a battle with Dudley, it's a lovely time to cuddle and bond with him - plus I can't help but laugh much of the time as he's so flipping predictable! 

Love from Parsnip, myself and the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley.


  1. Congratulations to Janice, I'm sure she will make good use of her prize. Three great and varied picks this time - ideas to store away. Finally another lovely Dudley saga - he certainly brings you, and us, much amusement and pleasure. Good news that your postal service is back to normal it's tough having to wait for 'enabled items' to arrive 😀

  2. Dudley sounds quite the character when 9t comes to putting up a display whilst being groomed - you should install a hidden camera :).

    Congratulations to the worthy winners

    Stay safe

  3. Fabulous picks Di and all so different. Congrats to Janice on her win. Dudley is such a character, I love reading your little stories. Never a dull moment with him I'm sure. Have a good week xx

  4. Oh, thanks so much for the highlight, Di! It's a honour being in your challenge picks and with a big photo too! :D! Big congrats to the other pick and to Janice!
    Such fun battles you have to do about Dudley's grooming! Certainly he makes your days :) Waiting to see a photo with him and the baby monkeys :)

  5. Thanks so much Di for choosing my card as one of your picks and I can’t believe I have won the fabulous prize too, thank you!
    A big thank you to Lesley for donating this SU set, I know I will enjoy using it
    Congratulations to Alice and Liz too.
    Janice x

  6. Lovely picks and congratulations to Janice too. Dudley sounds such a cutie and is definitely keeping you both on your toes!
    Kath x

  7. Great picks Di and congrats to Janice!
    Dudley's grooming session sounds like a real work of perseverance (and love of course)!!

  8. Great picks and great post as always.

    Kath x

  9. Three great picks and congratulations to Janice for winning the prize this time. I love your story about Dudley and his ruses for trying to get out of his grooming session Di...he certainly doesn't lack x

  10. Thank you for choosing my card as one of your picks, I’m pleased I’ve enabled you. 😊 Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new purchase. I always try to put in my blog posts what I’ve used and it’s lovely when I see I’ve enabled other crafters. Quite a few crafters have enabled me too. Lol.
    Congratulations to Alice and Janice for being one of your picks and also again to Janice on her win.
    I love reading about Dudley, I think he’ll always be full of mischief. xx

  11. Congratulations Janice, and such lovely picks too. I love hearing about Dudley, such a cutie! Xxx

  12. Fabulous array of cards and congratulations Janice ..... think l would like to live with you reading what treatment Dudley gets but then again he’s just the best company anyone would love to have and we’ll all dogs cause a little bit of mischief lol take care enjoy your day xx

  13. Really gorgeous showcases with lots of lovely inspiration for using up those snippets! Congratulations to Janice on her win and oh my goodness, is it really challenge 400 coming up?! How amazing is that! Your grooming stages really made me laugh. He certainly knows how to keep things interesting that's for sure! Vicky xx

  14. Congratulations to Janice and the Top picks.

    I can't tell which stage of Dudley's cleaning makes me laugh the most. What a time. You need to set up a video. That would be great. [Bunny]

  15. Congratulations to the top picks and the winner! Wonderful ideas.


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