Thursday 14 January 2021

Little update

First of all, we've been almost without hot water since Sunday and totally without it since yesterday. So don't sniff your screen right now!

This afternoon, feeling totally demoralised by local rising COVID numbers and also the blatancy of a girlfriend over the way - rocking up for a cosy night with her boyfriend and his family. Not in their bubble as the boyfriend's widowed Aunt is in their family bubble and girlfriend lives with a large family miles away from hereso don't get me going down that road please. Our NHS staff are keeling over and dying! Whether we watch the news or not - it IS out there and happening.

Anyhow, this afternoon I did the Grand Prize Draw and have just finished double checking that the names on the slips do want the prizes they said yes for. And they did!

Sadly, I had to eliminate some names before I even did the draw due to 'bulk yes comments'. I said I would and I did in fairness to others. I did keep in some who let me know why. Some people, who did play well within the rules for only one prize, popped out right away and it wouldn't be fair to mess around and ignore them. And some people played within the rules and limits for all of them  and didn't win a bean - so it's a real mixed pot of results :) 

Come back on Sunday and find out the results. Naturally I wish you could all have won of course - that's one of the penalties I have to cope with when doing a Grand Draw and wanting you all to be winners I guess.


  1. Hi Miss Di, Congratulations on making it to 500 followers! We have been saddened by the cases numbers in the UK, especially when ours are so low here in NSW, we are now seeing cases of 'the UK' strain of the virus in hotel quarantine and the gov't expect that it will eventually get into the community... Good luck with the hot water heater, hope all is well with you in lockdown, have a wonderful week... Megan

  2. Oh Di - it certainly is fightening times isn't it. I cringe at the thought of going out and I'm in a pretty good area in Australia. I honestly do not knoew how you are all coping. My partners parents are in England and just told us they had their first covid vaccine jabs - we are so pleased - they will get a 2nd jab at a later time but it is a start.

    Stay safe and well - and thanks for all your work with the prizes and your playground - Good luck to everyone ! love it Cheers Maur sxxx

  3. Hope your hot water problem gets fixed soon my friend . . . Real nuisance for you.

    Congratulations on getting the massive task of the prize draw sorted out. I'm sure Dudley was a big help!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Thanks for the update - you do a grand job in keeping everything fair and we realise (or at last most of us) that we can't all be winners. There'd be no excitement or anticipation in taking up the challenges if you knew the outcome. Sorry to hear about your lack of hot water and hope the situation is resolved speedily. Continue to take care and stay safe.

  5. Oh Di, I hear you about the covid law-breakers - Where I lived the people over the road blatantly had parties, visitors and generally carried on as though the rest of us were silly for abiding by the rules of the total lockdown we had- I too was not impressed.
    I look forward to the results of the draw
    Stay safe

  6. Isn't it frustrating that so many people are trying to see "what they can get away with" when they should be aiming for "what they can to to help us all". A friend's mother died last night and she is heartbroken that she couldn't travel across the borders between the UK's nations to see her in her final days, yet others around her are flitting in and each others homes just for a bit of a chat with their friends.

  7. A mammoth task and one which I bet you're glad is over!
    As far as your neighbours are concerned it is simply no different here either - Piccadilly Circus alive and well in the North of England. Mother's boyfriend (lives over 10 miles away) comes, stays and goes as he pleases, daughters boyfriend(s) (there have been 3 since last March) come, stay and go when they please, son's boyfriend arrives, stays for 3 days then disappears then a few days later returns.
    Their so called bubble is the biggest in the universe and it is seriously making me mad. I have now lost 3 people I know and before long I may be giving them a (not inconsiderable)piece of my mind.
    Hospitals overflowing and there are morons who simply believe it won't affect them.
    Love to you all. x

  8. Hi Di, sorry to hear about the water situation. You don't realise how vital it is until you open the tap and it isn't there. Hope they get it sorted soon. Can't help idiots and no use policing them either. Just know where they are and avoid them. Sad that there are so many deaths, especially when they are amongst those essential workers. They are probably exhausted after so many months of dealing with this. Looking forward to the draw. Everything crossed, but sometimes seeing other people win is almost as much fun as winning yourself. Always hopeful, but realistic and always surprized if I do get lucky. I know Dudley is always impartial when he dips his paw in the bowl of names and you are there to keep him on the straight and narrow. I wonder why people feel the need to say they are being impartial. It's your blog, your prizes, your time and energy, I an sure everyone is just happy that they have a chance at one of your lovely prizes. And with so many friends who play along thank goodness for Mr Random eh?! Or the Paw of Dudley! Take care, be safe. Thanks for all you do. HUGZ

  9. Our hot water heater went dead yesterday so I can relate. However we were lucky enough to have someone replace it by late evening. Whoosh went a whopping $$$$ dollars. Good grief. It never comes at a good time. I had a big pot of chili going to put up in the freezer and stuff everywhere that needed to be washed.

    We too are dealing with such a crisis on the COVID numbers not to mention a new President coming in and the country in an uproar over the voting and the division of people. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the good. I hope your hot water gets fixed soon. [Bunny]

  10. OMG! No hot water and poorly behaving neighbors... grrrrr..... Thank you so much for doing the Grand Prizes!!! Hope things get better soon!

  11. Oh no, Di, I hope you get that hot water fixed soon! I've been in your shoes and it was miserable! Also so sorry to read that people are flouting the rules on the lockdown. We are lucky here in Nova Scotia as our numbers are low but other provinces are not doing well at all. I'm excited about your draw and looking forward to seeing who the lucky winners are! As always, your generosity is much appreciated! I think it's only right that you followed up on the rules you set; otherwise, it's not fair for those who followed them. Take care, stay safe and healthy!

  12. I'm with you on the "bubbles" Grrrr. As for the water Oh! dear me! Our 2 neighbours have been having the same problems it took 3 long visits by BG Engineer to finally get them back with heating and water. The other had 1 long visit and another shorter one before they were back in their comfort zone. I hope you are back now and enjoying some heated water. As for the prizes, you are a heroine!
    Faith x

  13. Goodness, so sorry to hear you've been without water .... hope you will soon have your supply restored.

    YIKES .... I'm horribly afraid I may have been guilty of misreading the rules as I'm pretty sure I put my name in the draw more than once, my apologies.

    I hope Dudders isn't thinking that his "hoomans" need a bath!

    Take care


  14. Hi Di thanks for the updates on the draws you did an amazing sad to hear more cases and still there are idiots out there that just don’t realise how serious this situation is hopefully the vaccine will slow down the deaths and make us all safe again take care xx

  15. Well we have had quite a bit of snow here today so I could go out and get a bucket full and by the time it gets to you it will be well and truly thawed, not enough for a bath but enough for a strip wash.

    Kath x

  16. I understand your frustration about the attitudes about Covid. So hard to see the health workers put their lives in the line for some who just didn't care. Hang in there. Thank you for all the work you had to do to give out the prizes...its so generous of you.

  17. Bad news about the hot water, especially at this time of year. Hope you get it fixed soon. I know what you mean about people flouting the rules. Luckily our neighbours all seem pretty good and there doesn’t seems to be anyone have visitors in our road. However, cases are rising in our area, so there’s obviously a lot of people still breaking the rules. Thanks for sorting out the Grand Draw results, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task. xx

  18. Don't get me started on flouting the common sense! (in my opinion that's what the rules are), or boilers..........hope yours is now sorted, as is ours...good for you weeding out the non game players. We are all winners, because we have you and the playground! xxx

  19. I read your post last night on my phone but had to comment this morning from my computer. What a task you take on to give us a chance to win. I love reading your posts and hope to be a better commenter this year. Looking forward to more Dudley Adventures in 2021!

  20. Thank you so very much for doing the Grand Prizes! You are so generous.
    Hugs, Valerija

  21. Di... I loved your "don't sniff the screen" comment. And I bet that Dudley is in doggie sniffing heaven with all the odors... um fragrances! That said I do hope you get hot water again soon.
    As for the COVID violators, it is so very frustrating to watch. Several family members and also a few dear friends are undergoing chemo treatments so are very fragile right now. So seeing people not caring enough to give up a few of their wants to help protect others is so hard. I do have to say that I've reported several violators. Yep... I did! (Am just hoping that the police officers and sheriffs deputies don't start rolling their eyes when they see that they have a message from me!)
    I appreciate the work that you put into the draw... and the entire prize giving efforts. Thanks for all that you do behind the scenes to try to keep things fair. You really are amazing!

  22. I sure hope your hot water gets resolved soon. Yes here in the United States the virus is really bad, I think people are just tired of the lock downs and are starting to let their guard down. Let's hope the vaccine starts to help slow the problem.

    Hugs diane


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