Wednesday 16 September 2020

A question

Has anyone else been having problems with followers who subscribed to email notifications of new posts NOT being notified? 

I know of two of my followers who had/have this problem. For one of them I literally went through the list of subscribers and found that she was signed up and enabled just the same as others on the list so there doesn't seem to be any reason for her not to get emails when I publish a new post.

Obviously I can't go through the whole list deleting folk who tell me they're having issues and then getting them to sign up again. I've raised the issue with Blogger and am wondering is it's connected with the switch to the new interface (which I've been using for a while now).

Anyone got any thoughts?

Edit: I think I might have resolved it by going into Feedburner and limiting the size of the 'feed'! Watch this space.


  1. Just a thought but are they are using the same email provider?
    Reason being is I always used to get notifications to my hotmail email account when I got a new comment on a post, but for about a year now (pre new blogger) I don't always get them so have to check blogger for 'awaiting comments'
    Maybe it's a mail provider issue? xx

  2. Forgot to say I sometimes don't get some shop newsletters I subcribe to and have always put it down to hotmail xx

  3. Sorry can't help with this one as I don't subscribe to getting email notifications. I occasionally experience problems with my Blog List on the side bar where a person's blog doesn't always move to the top of the list when a new post is written but this has been ongoing for a long time, well before the 'new' interface. Not really a major issue, just a bit of an irritation from time to time. Hope your issue is soon resolved

  4. I seem to recall that there was a problem a while ago with notifications via e-mail and only resolved by everyone deleting and redoing it. I have a feeling that there were some changes/tweeks to Blogger at that time too, but can't be totally sure, but as you say sounds as though there is a connection. x

  5. Door Di can’t help either l don’t subscribe to emails either hopefully you will get it sorted x

  6. I don't think so but don't think that I have any that do this. But, I have not always ticked the Robot thing and I have found that, while I have commented, they have not been received. Why, oh, why do they have to do this.
    Also why do some blogs not have this on and others do. Your blog does not have the robot thing. Why are all the changes for worse and not better, we are not married to them.

    Kath x

  7. I have in the past, with old blogger and now just with your blog, or at least I think it is only your blog. I just got an email notification with 3 posts from your blog dating back to Sept 5th. I'm not getting any You Tube email notifications at all on any You Tuber. So go figure that one. I don't understand how any of this stuff works, but right now it ain't always working! lol Glad you figured out what the issue was, so now maybe I will get my notifications from your blog. Hugs, Brenda

  8. I'm getting Blogger emails ok, but like Brenda all my YouTube ones have stopped for new releases, but I'm still getting comment reply notifications. Go figure!

  9. I'm signed up for email notices of posts and now I see that I didn't get notices on a couple of the most recent ones. In my mailbox this morning there were notices of the last three posts you've done, all bundled together into one notice!

  10. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been having this problem since July... I just set an alarm on my phone to check your blog on Sundays but I hate to miss anything! If you figure it out... my email is

  11. Thanks for doing this post, Di! Wanted you to know that I found this post in my inbox today, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. You’re brilliant and figured it out! I received your e-mail post notification (with your last 3 posts) today!
    So what did you limit the size of your feed to?


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