Sunday 17 November 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #364 - results

Still the fireworks go off at random times around here, usually nothing like as bad as I whined about last weekend, thankfully. And Dudley doesn't seem to be too bothered by them after all - when they're further away.

It's been another mixed week, a lot of rainfall, with some hedgehog rescuing here. More about that further down this post.

First of all, let's get going with this fortnight's picks:

What a brilliant card, made by Carol L. I love the design and absolutely tons of snippets used as well! A lovely example of picking three colours from a pile of snippets and coming up with a very striking card.

Jane (of Jane's Journal) brought a wonderful Autumn wreath to share with us. It's gorgeous and a super way to use up lots of snippets. The leaves are made from the printed pages of an old book BTW, with a lot more work to make them look this pretty!

Here's another Christmas card, this time made by Eemeli, using lots of little snippets. I recognise some of the papers from quite some time ago - a lovely card indeed!

And we had three new Playmates this time:

Gail (I Like Paper)

Lynn McAuley
Do please hop over to welcome our new Playmates and comment on their beautiful work.

So, that's my picks, and our new Playmates from Challenge 364, and I do hope they've given you some inspiration for ways in which you can use up some of those snippets.

We had 59 entries and three new Playmates this time round. Whoop, whoop!

Time now for the prize draw, which is for the Memory Box 'Budding Tree' die and a Memory Box 'Mini Butterflies' die. And the winner is:
Well done Janis! I'm sure it's absolutely ages since you won one of the fortnightly prizes - so this is certainly due. Please send me your address, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #365 - you can find it HERE. The prize is a SWALK 'Friendship' stamp (which is grey unbacked rubber) and a Gemini 'Stitch Edge Circle' set of dies. And do remember that we still have our Guest Designer Karen's wonderful snippets make and very generous give away - over on her blog HERE. And, Karen will be joining me again for the next November Snippets Challenge, next Sunday (24th November). I can't wait to see what she's made to share this time.

Long story cut short, we (Len really) rescued two little hedgies during the week. Out during the day time - which is always a worrying sign that they need help.
Here they are the following day, after their temporary home (large clear plastic crate) had been cleaned out, ready for me to take them to a local animal rescue place in a pretty village just 10 minutes drive away from us: 
The little one nearest to you is curled into a ball and covered, slightly, in bits of the newspaper they shredded up even more during their overnight stay. They really had made one heck of a mess of the crate, putting it nicely - poop everywhere, food all eaten and water almost drunk - must have been quite a party :) It got so bad that, even though we had doors closed, we eventually had to pop the crate into our garage for the night, out of Dudley's hearing - he was going Havanese-ape!

A couple more photos:
This is the braver one, woofling and trying to explore to find a way out. Many years ago we had a hedgie that we'd rescued manage to escape from a more shallow box that Len was holding - whilst I was driving along country lanes to a much further away animal rescue sanctuary and now we're very careful. They really can climb!

And here's a closer look at the little one that was curled into a ball. If you look just above the little shred of newspaper stuck to his prickles at the left of the image, just follow up slightly and there's his little dark snout peeping out, with his darker eye patches on either side. His eyes were also open but the camera didn't pick that detail up.

There are over 130 hedgehogs being looked after at the rescue place - mostly from late litters. And a plethora of wildlife ranging from squirrels, ducks, geese, birds, hedgies of course - you name it, Rita will take it in and look after it until it's well enough to be released. One truly amazing lady for sure! It's run purely by her with some help from her daughter with no funding, apart from donations.

And, the following evening under cover of darkness, the CCTV picked up a third hedgie that's even smaller, coming to feed. It's proving more elusive to catch but we live in hope. By the way, the two hedgies we managed to rescue are both little girls - important - as they continue to raise future hedgie generations of course!

So, that's been the excitement for this week. No photos of Dudley - a friend and I went out for lunch during the week and it was the first time she'd met Dudley. She was absolutely enchanted by him - he certainly wins the ladies over!

Love from Parsnip, a wave from Dudley - and of course hugs as always from me,


  1. Thank you Di for displaying my card - Happy Dance to the winner - Yeah! First time I saw a photo of a hedgehog - they look so cute - I only have a stamp of a hedgehog. Have a blessed week

  2. Well done to Carol, I have already seen her card and it's a genial work! :D
    Big congrats also to the other picks and I have to say that I'm so happy for Janis, she have done an enormous work with the Cat Lovers Hop with a lot of prizes and she surely deserves a gift herself!! :D
    Well done for the little hedgies, they surely will be very well at the animal rescue place!!! They are so cute!
    Big hugs to you and a lot of cuddles to Dudley!

  3. FAB post today, Di. Glorious collection of winner/faves - Congrats to all.

    Lovely hedgie pix (quite forgive the lack of Dudders) and well done on rescuing them. We used to have them in our garden every night but .... not for a while now.

    Happy Sunday


  4. Yeah, still got the fireworks here too! Fabulous picks from the Playmates and I love Jane's autumn wreath. A big Hi to the new Playmates and congrats to Janis on her win xx

  5. What fantastic creations from everyone, the picks are wonderful Di and congratulations to Janis for winning the great prize. How cute are those two hedgies and they will be well looked after at the rescue centre, and hope you manage to catch the third one too. x

  6. Congrats to Janis and great picks! OMG! We don't have hedgehogs in Chicago... they are sooo cute! Glad you rescued them!

  7. Oh, my....I am very surprised and delighted to be your winner, Di!! It has been quite awhile since my name came up on a fortnight challenge, but that hasn't lessened the fun it is to join in the Playground games! I am very excited to win those lovely dies and am emailing you right now. Congratulations and well done to all the Top Picks and welcome to the new playmates!!

    Oh, I love love love seeing those precious little hedgies! Who knew they were such active little creatures to be able to make such a mess in their holding cage!! So glad you were able to rescue them and get them to a place that will care for them.

    Seeing that one all curled up reminded me that a number of years ago my hubby (a veterinarian) attended a continuing education conference. At lunch they had a mini-seminar on "How to Uncurl a Hedgehog"!! lol.. Hedgies, of course, are increasingly popular as so-called "pocket pets" and can sometimes pose a prickly challenge to vets who come across timid ones in their practices.

    Thanks again!! Off to email you!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Congrats to Janis and all of the other spotlighted creations this week. I'm truly honored to have my card among them. As for those hedgies, I do believe that's the first time I've ever seen an actual photo of them, and they're quite small and oh so cute! Thanks for another fun playground too! Have a great week ahead.

  9. Big congrats to Janis and thanks so much for putting my leaf wreath in your picks Di. I really did enjoy making it but boy was that a lots of fussy cutting, good job I love that little job. Awwww how cute are those hedgies I am so glad you have taken them to the rescue centre. A hegdgehog lecture I attended years ago at London Zoo said that if they weighed less than a bag of sugar in the autumn they would never survive the winter. Well done you for looking out for these precious souls. Have a great week ahead and thanks for everything. Hugs xxx

  10. Duddley must take after Len then as he has won you over.

    Great pictures and very well done on the rescue of those lovely little hedhog. We have had no success at all with our Hedgehog nest, think it is probably due to the fact that we have a visiting fox every night.
    Have a great week.

    Kath x

  11. Congrats to the picks & welcome to the newbies! So good of you to rescue the babies & for the woman to care for all of God's creatures! I bet Dudley was not happy with the overnight visitors in the house--haha!

  12. Oh what lovely work, by the winners and the new playmates!
    Loving the wee hedgies - they really are sweet wee animals, but also determined. I always have water available for them in summer

  13. So happy for my friend Janis' win - congrats! And congrats to the top picks as well - so well deserved. Love Jane's wreath - so pretty!
    Those hedgies are just adorable!!!

  14. Congrats to the winners, and to you for the rescue! xoxo

  15. Hello Di, love all the projects you've showcased this week - they are all very inspirational. Congratulations to Janis too. The hedgehogs are adorable. So glad you were able to rescue them and that they are doing well. I've just treated ours to a new feeding dish - not that I've seen it yet but our neighbour has. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  16. Great choice of picks this week, Di and congratulations to Janis on her win.
    The little hedgies are so sweet, well done for rescuing them. xx

  17. Great picks Di and congratulations to Janis enjoy your win..just love those 🦔 they are so cute xx

  18. Congrats to the winners! And the adorable!! They are my most favorite animals, but they never come to my garden.. Thank you for the great pics.
    Lia xx

  19. OMGoodness, those baby hedgies are sooooo cuuuuute! Thank you and Len for rescuing them! I have never seen one in real life - I always love seeing your hedgie photos, so cute! Congratulations to Janis on the win - Yay! Congrats to all of the picks too - I enjoy seeing how people use their snippets, great inspiration here! Actually, I made a card the other day based on Karen Letchworth's GD snippets inspiration card, such a great design! I couldn't link it up because I already entered my snippets card but thought you'd like to know how she inspired me! Have a wonderful day!

  20. Hi Di. Thanks for picking my card and showcasing it here -- many congrats to the lucky-lucky winner!

    Those hedgehogs just look so cute! Great that you and Len rescued them.


  21. What amazing picks Di, I love the uniqueness of each one. Those leaves made from book pages were amazing. I'm so happy to hear that Gail came over to play at the playground. Yay for Gail! A big congrats to Janis as well too! Oh my goodness, thank you to you and Len for rescuing the hedgies! They are adorable! Love the little one all curled up in a ball, with his little snout showing. Wish we could have seen her eyes, but I know how hard it is to pick up those details on camera. You and Len sure do you fair share in helping these little cuties, they are lucky to be in your garden! I don't know much about them, but they look like their prickles could hurt pretty good. Thankful for the rescue place for taking them in a well. Sending hugs to Parsnip and Dudley as well as you Di. Brenda

  22. These snippets artists are great picks, Di! It must be so hard to choose! I'm sorry to hear the hedgies are being displaced, but thank goodness for that wonderful woman and you and Len for taking them there. Thank you for taking the amazing photos and sharing them!! Remember a few years ago when they were so illusive to photograph? Do you still have the mom and dad from back then, or do they move on and leave the babies? I'm so fascinated by them!! Hugs, Darnell

  23. How adorable and lucky you to see them so close. Lets hope they get hibernating soon. I just bought a hedgehog house, as I saw it at a local sale, and popped it near where we had them hibernating last year. Are the others hibernating yet, do you think?
    Oh and wonderful snippets cards of course! There is no end to peoples inventiveness. x

  24. Congratulations to Janis for her win, and for all the top picks. I love how we can turn scraps and snips of paper into beautiful projects. I'm a true paper scrap saver so always enjoy seeing different ways to use them. Thank you also for those wonderful hedgie photos and facts. I've never seen an actual hedgie in person so am living vicariously through your posts!

  25. Congrats Janis and the top picks. Cute hedgehogs Di. Hugz

  26. Lots of gorgeous creations by talented people. Good luck with the hedgehogs, this is the first winter in 5 years i haven't had babies to fatten up and tend for, luckily we are usually mild here in Cornwall so most don't go into hibernation until late November, early December - i had 9 hedgehogs this year and a family with 4 that all came to eat together - so lovely to see. I hope they do well. Hugs Emmax


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