Sunday 10 March 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #346 - results

Yippee, I'm back to where I was before taking that trip out with Dudley a week past Thursday, which really set me back. The past couple of days have been so much easier so in fact I'm quite a lot better than I was before that ill-fated trip. Loads less pain and walking indoors without the stick most of the time. Phew, thank goodness for progress.

Let's get straight on with the fortnight's picks and first of all, we have a *Gold Star' for this amazing 'altered' bottle' - made by Sindhu:
Sindhu - this is just fabulous! So much work and what a lovely result! Please help yourself to the Gold Star badge (it's on my right hand side bar) to display on your blog, if you wish of course.

And our three picks are:
Wow, I just love this 'baking themed' card, made by Jenny L! So much detail in such pretty colours (just like icing on the fairy cakes I recall as a child) - and the inside is lovely as well, so do hop over for a look HERE.

Pam made this great card, using snippets of course - and what really caught my eye is the clever use of the red button for the letter O - really clever touch!

I think this is such a clever card, made by Glennis. The cupcake case is made of four layers of snippet strips and the candle is brilliant - it's a real Birthday cake candle, sliced down the middle!

We had two new playmates this time:
Welcome to the Snippets Playground girls - hope you all come back and play really soon.

Including our two new Playmates, we had a total of 67 entries - so pleased to see so many of you striving to use up those snippets!

Now it's prize draw time, and our winners of the three MFT  'Christmas Tree Window' dies are as follows:

Please send me your addresses girls, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

I'll post the prizes off to you as soon as I'm out and about - until I can get a shoe on am not going far. I still have Andrea's prize as well as Lynne in NI's to post from the other week as well - after the last setback I truly don't want to take any chances though. 

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #347 - you can find it HERE. The prize is a lovely bumper bundle of dies and stamps, kindly donated by Linby. 

Other news on the 'home front' is that the hedgies are out of hibernation and coming to feed each night! Len says they look well and the only glitch right now is that Dudley woofs at them! Unfortunately the timing of his late night 'wee' toilet trip is around the time they first appear - happily they're separated by the fact that the patio area is penned in but it's close enough for him to think they're interlopers. Naturally we know he'll need to be allowed out and will have to get used to them but we're not sure that the neighbours would agree with 10pm woofing sessions! He was fine with them before they hibernated but of course he's grown a lot since then and probably is more territorial - little scamp! Also, I never knew this previously, puppies go through a 'fear' phase at around six months old - they also do at around three months but the six month old one is more telling. So he's probably a bit shy of them too!

As I said last week, we kept Dudley's bangs/fringe when he was groomed last week and the girls did him a cute little top knot - which probably lasted less than 24 hours before the band slipped loose. So, he was still walking into things and we both got quite worried. Finally the styling lotion for doggies (I kid you not!) plus a bag of tiny latex bands arrived on Thursday and I set to right away with the usual good 'brushing Dudley' session and then bit the bullet. Len had to hold him still - needless to say but I managed to tie a little top knot! Finally we can see his dear little face properly - and he looks a lot more grown up in some ways as well. And of course, he can see where he's going!

The band is still holding well as I type this (Saturday) with just a few of the shorter wisps escaped - the secret seems to be to wrap the band around the top knot and then almost make a little bobble of the clump of hair with the final turn so it sort of holds against itself.

And - at last - here's a photo of Dudley, taken yesterday by Len, with his top knot 'wot I did'! Excuse the background cables etc! At last you can see his lovely eyes properly - although he'd just been asleep on a table beside Len's desk:
And you want me to smile as WELL as look regal? No chance, I only perform for treats.
I bet you're surprised at how much more grown up he looks, we are! He now is looking much more like a proper Havanese but I promise you, he's still every bit as mischievous as ever - right now he's having a mad 10 minutes with Len and a squeaky ball. He (Dudley of course!) certainly can move at quite a rate - it's like having an animated white fluffy rug running riot!And, underneath all that lovely coat, there's actually quite a small dog hiding. Next time he's wet I'll try and take a photo!

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead. Thank you for all the kind wishes about this foot - they seem to be working, mwah! x

Parsnip and Dudley send their love, as usual - and of course me too,


  1. Thanks for choosing me in your 'picks' Di, it was a fun card to make, and totally 'cased' from pinterest!

  2. Eeeee ! Such a cutie - how adorable xx

  3. Ohhhh Di he's adorable.. and all growed up as you say. Been waiting for update and praying hard that you are on improve.. yay! Pray it continues dear Di...
    Ah some stunning picks too how clever our playmates are and a huge congrats to the winners!
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  4. Amazing decorated bottle, great picks too and congratulations to the lucky winners. So pleased to hear things are looking up for you. Love D's topknot!

  5. Beautiful shared creativity, I do enjoy seeing everyone's work of art.
    Glad you are feeling a little better Di, may the onward's and upwards continue. Dudley looks so dashing, such a fine looking boy!
    Sending creative Sunday Hugs your way Tracey xx Take Care xx

  6. Wow, I'm so glad youy finally feel better! 😊 Hooray!
    Fabulous picks! Big congrats to the three lucky winners!
    Dudley seems a Prince with his hair bow love seeing his eyes 😍 and surely he now see when run! Poor hedgies, they didn't knew that there were a dog when they gone to sleep 😂😂

  7. Good morning Miss Di

    Doing a very happy dance here .. .. so excited to be one of the winners of that lovely tree die .. .. I am going to have hours of fun with that!! Thank you soooo much!

    Congratulations to the other winners and loving the snippet picks!! The decorated bottle is amazing! I would never have thought to do that .. .. gorgeous colour choices too.

    So pleased you are now feeling much better and on the right track.

    I couldn't believe how "regal and grown up" Dudley looks in his picture. Great "top knot" work!!

    Thanks again Di

    Love Jules xx

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners

    Good to hear your foot is improving albeit (probably) far too slowly! Take care

    Happy Sunday


  9. Congratulations to you all and what a fabulous show case Di that bottle transformation is just stunning as is the baking theme card all are so talented pleased to read your getting more like yourself Di and being without your stick around the house shows you truly are on the mend enjoy your day and Dudley is just tonic too he's adorable xx

  10. Great picks again this time Di and Sindu's bottle is wonderful, and congratulations to Heather, Jules and Greta for winning the three prizes on offer this time, so generous of you! I'm glad that there is significant improvement in your foot and hope that continues as I'm sure you will be pleased to be back to normal, and soon I hope. Dudley is looking very handsome, and your top knot is working well, and much better for him to be able to see where he is going properly,and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your hedgies now they are out and about. x

  11. Hi Miss Di, the lovely Parsnip, and cutie Dudley.
    A big Congrat to Sindhu on her God Star Award isn't that such a very stunning creation.

    Congrats to the winners and congrats to the other pickes.
    Thank you so much for choosing my card as one of the fab picks as there were so many wonderful creations entered too.

    I am so glad you are on the mend now and feeling much better.

    OOOOOOOO! Dudley does looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO! cute with his lovely Hair Do.

    Hedgies sound very interesting, and must be so lovely to watch.

    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Thank you so much Dear...I am so happy and this made my day...Thank you all...

  13. Hello Di, glad to see you are moving a bit better and on the road to recovery. You've chosen lots of beautiful projects to showcase - they are all lovely and showing just what can be done with all those snippets. Dudley is gorgeous and looks super cute and cuddly with his topknot. Hope you continue to get better. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  14. Congrats ladies! And I love the bottle! Welcome new snippet pals! DUDLEY LOOKS SOOOOO CUTE! Glad you are feeling better Di!!

  15. Congrats to the lucky winners and top picks. Dudley looks gorgeous. Glad you are feeling better Di. Hugz

  16. Super cute cards and projects! Congrats to the lucky winners! Happy Dance to all! Dudley looks so grown-up now - I love his little up-do! He's so adorable!

  17. Oh wow--I'm starting my week with nothing but smiles! So, so happy to hear your foot is better & PLEASE don't overdo it! Totally no rush to mail the prizes--Easter is almost here, not Christmas, so it worked out perfectly to offer the wonderful dies now! Never expect to win & for it to be something I really love is so special! You're so sweet to have given 3--over & above once again! I would so love to be able to cuddle that adorable puppy dog--& you're right--he's looking so much more grown up with his proper topknot. You totally nailed it, Di! The bottle is absolutely amazing & congrats to all the picks! Sending hugs, Greta

  18. So glad you're doing a bit better! And thanks for the Dudley write-up and photo - love his hair-do!! He looks adorable with the little topknot and his bright eyes showing - what an absolute sweetheart!

  19. Glad you are feeling better Di. How handsome is! Well done to the lucky winners and the great picks. We have Matt's dog Bear staying til Wednesday so I am certainly doing my 10,000 steps a day! Take care, hugs xxx

  20. Some lovely picks, well done Ladies.
    Glad to hear that you have had a better week and hopefully it will continue.
    Well Cuddly Dudley really blends in with that rug.

    Kath x

  21. Thank you for the warm welcome. :-)
    Congratulation to all winners!
    Hugs, Sonja

  22. Thanks so much for noting my card in your picks! It was fun to make! Congratulations to all the winners!

  23. Glad you're feeling (a bit) better Di... I know it makes you nervous about risking a relapse - I had a bit of an issue after some pretty routine dental work a couple of weeks ago, ended up in hospital... it's made me VERY nervous about having the bone graft I had the routine dental work in prep for, lol... I've put it off until May, hope I can ball up the courage by then :-))
    Dudley, by the way, is extremely handsome, and very regal indeed... if one can be regal with a top knot in, grin. Donna xx

  24. Fabulous picks Di, that bottle is fantastic and congrats to the winners of the tree die. I must say Dudley does look rather grown up in the photo and his coat looks so soft, loving his little tie back too x

  25. Glad you are feeling better Di, long may it continue. Congratulations to the winners and great picks too xxx

  26. Dudley is such a handsome boy! Perhaps he'll become friends with the hedgehogs. Wouldn't that be cute!! I hope your ankle continues to improve.

  27. I have got the Dudley stamps and they are soooo cute!! It's great you are feeling a bit better now.
    Lia xx

  28. Fabulous picks and congrats to the winners..... but the star this week has to be that gorgeous photo of Dudley. He's really growing into such a handsome little man xx

  29. Congrats to the winners and welcome to those who just joined the playground this week as well! Your projects are all wonderful and how precious is sweet Dudley in that photo!? He's a big ball of white fluff :)


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