Sunday 24 November 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #366

It's drier, but noticeably colder down in the South of England - Winter is closing in for sure.

Once again, we have a slightly different format this week, in addition to my own card and prize(s) we also have Karen back with us as our November Guest Designer,  more further down this post.

First of all, here's my snippets card for today:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, tent style

- snippets of plain (ish) green and also striped paper card from Lawn Fawn's 'Really Rainbow' paper pack. I love how just a strip of left over paper from this vibrant pack adds so much 'oomph'

- hand cut the green paper to form a wavy 'hill' and glued it in place using a small tape runner, then trimmed off the sides from the back of the card

- did the same with the straight strip of paper, leaving it straight to form a border along the top of the card as if the wee girl had been trying out her huge paintbrush :)

- then stamped the images I wanted to use onto snippets of white card using stamps from the Neat and Tangled 'Paint Night' set of stamps and the Misti, plus Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and also stamped the sentiment onto the card front

- adding the little scene into the plain easel was easy using the Misti. To be on the safe side I did mask down each side of the easel using strips of Post-it notes, in case the little image wasn't lined up properly - knowing I could always carefully fill in any blank stripe down a side using a fine tipped permanent marker. Not needed though as it was lined up perfectly, a very precisely designed and made set of stamps and dies

- coloured the images using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and hopefully picking out the colours from the stiped strip of paper at the top of the card front

- die cut the images using dies from the matching set of dies and then glued them in place using a Zig glue pen

- final touch was to colour the letters in the word 'COLOR', again picking out colours from the striped strip of paper at the top of the card

I've had this lovely set of stamps and dies for over a year now, bought last September when I went to a Dies To Die For pop-up shop. For some reason I kept avoiding using it, probably fearful of the colouring aspect.

I would have liked to place the little girl and the easel closer together so that she is more obviously showing off her painting, but I'd added the easel image a tad too far to the right  and had to pop the little girl further to the left to balance the thing out (ain't hindsight wonderful). The set comes with a good few different options and three sentiments to choose from. There are also little (or in fact  quite big) paint droplets, complete with matching dies. I stopped short of using them for fear of overload, but on a bigger card they would be a fun touch. And, on this design of mine they would have probably looked quite cute almost dripping from some of the coloured strips on the top backing paper.

And here's the prize for this fortnight:
A Neat and Tangled 'Paint Night' set of stamps (14 in total so you really can ring the changes) - plus the matching set of nine dies. Obviously it's all one prize!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 7th December. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

And now onto our Guest Designer for November - who is Karen Letchworth, of 'My Cup Runneth Over'.

It was lovely to see how many of you already follow Karen, and I reckon at least 10 more of you added yourselves as followers. Wouldn't it be great if you could bump those numbers up a bit more - Karen only needs 29 more followers to reach the magic 1,000!

And here's what Karen made:  
Another fabulous card making such clever use of a variety of gorgeous snippets, similar colours and designs to last fortnight's papers used by Karen. I really think this is gorgeous, and I adore the beautiful bow as well!

Thank you SO much Karen for being Guest Designer again this fortnight and for your snippets inspiration. Please don't be a stranger - you have some wonderful ideas to share and it would be great to see you joining in with the other girls and entering the fortnightly challenge.

Do hop over to Karen's blog, the link is above and Karen also has another give-away of her own for this challenge.  How generous is that?

Latest Dudley news:

Dudley is as full of fun as ever, although on Thursday he's going into our vet's animal hospital for a little operation - nope, not THAT one! Whilst in Cornwall we'd felt a very dark mole on his side, hidden by his silky coat but enough to ask the vet about when he had his booster shots after we came home. She said to keep an eye on it - and back we went yesterday as it's grown, is standing more proud and doesn't look right.

She can't say exactly what it is, so he's booked in to have it removed and checked out. That's the only way to rule out anything sinister and it's best to do it in one go rather than a biopsy, which might then be followed by a further op.

Poor little scrap doesn't know what's coming. Needless to say I'm almost beside myself worrying over the anesthetic, the results etc. etc. Len is more pragmatic - although I think there's no doubt he's doing it to keep my spirits up as much as possible.
We'll then have to wait a further week for the pathology results - whilst nursing what may well turn out to be a very cross little dog! He doesn't like us leaving him anywhere for long (although if all goes to plan we'll leave him first thing in the morning and should be able to collect him later on that afternoon). And he'll probably be even more cross when he finds out he most likely has to wear a 'onesie' whilst the stitches heal :) The scar won't show once it's all healed up - and tomorrow I'm taking him to the Groomers for a bath and blow dry as well as a nail and pads trim as we won't be able to take him to be groomed for a little while after the op. of course.

We only just found out, after days on end of no activity, that the third little hedgehog is still around and not fully into hibernation mode as we thought might be the case. CCTV picked it up at around 7pm this evening (Saturday), having a little feed. We missed it and only realised when Dudley went out for his final wee of the evening and Len spotted that the food had been disturbed (he has a Heath Robinson system whereby hedgies can nose a little cover up to get at the food but local cats can't. It then cleverly drops back into place - he should patent it really). Checked the CCTV footage just now and 'shoo 'nuff' - there the sweet little critter was, tucking in! So, we're back on high alert here.

Not using Dudley as an excuse, but hope you understand that right now my head is all over the place and I know I've fallen behind on commenting on the Snippets challenge that closed on Saturday morning. Having said that, who knows - by the time you read this I just might have caught up!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley (woof, woof!) and of course me,


  1. I'm the first to enter! Wow, I can't believe it LOL :D
    Such delightful card, Di!!! I just LOVE that little girl with her painting and the matching sentiment!! Adorable scene!!! The rainbow stripe of Dp is so cute, it's a great addition!!!
    Absolutely yes for the draw, that set is amazing!
    Karen's card is brilliant, I have just seen it on her blog. Punched circles arranged in a wreath are a clever way to use scraps!!

    Oh my, such notice about Dudley! I can image how you are worried!! But I'm sure that there aren't bad things. Positive vibes on your way, for Dudley's op and results! Fingers crossed! Big hugs and make so many cuddles to him!!!

  2. What a wonderful sample card and yes, please for putting my name into the drawing! And so fun to see Karen's beautiful Guest DT card. I'm already her follower but do hope that she hits 1000 soon. Karen was one of the people who first encouraged me when I started my blog back in Spring 2017. She is the first of many amazing people I've meant in blogland that are so very kind and generous... like our Di here at Snippets. Paper artists really are the best people! (I'll be thinking of you and your little Dudley over the next week and pray that he has a quick recovery time. It is so hard to see our fur babies in this situation. I bet he'll look adorable in his onezie!)

  3. What a cute card and lots of potential with the complete set of stamps and dies. Will be thinking positive thoughts for Dudley when he has the op - best to catch things at an early stage and I'm sure the results will be good. Guess he might have to wear one of those 'lampshade' gizmos for a while too.

  4. Oh poor Dudley, I hope everything goes well for him.
    Yes please to going into the draw for these lovely stamps and dies, they are so sweet and your card is adorable. And Karen's card is a stunning example of what can be done with snippets.

  5. Love your "painterly" card, Di. Very cute. I don't envy you dealing with this mole. He is your baby after all. I will keep you all in my prayers for healing strength.

  6. I think Dudley has added color to your world! The card is so pretty and colorful. Poor Dudley and poor you worrying about him. Molly had two things taken off of her and she did fine. Vet said some dogs just get those growths on them and now she has many more. They don't bother her so I have quit worrying about them. Hope your outcome is the same but you won't stop worrying until he gets the all clear. Prayers for you.

  7. Awwww poor hedgies and Dudley! YES, I AM PLAYING THIS WEEK! I LOVE this set soooo much!!! Your card is darling and I love Karen's work too!!!

  8. Oh no, poor Dudley! I hope all turns out okay and that he'll be back to himself in no time and that the news will be good. All 3 of our cats are having health issues at the moment and it's no fun worrying about our furbabies. Interesting update about the little hedgie too. I love your adorable card and cute stamp used! Such a cute little scene! I'll definitely be a YES to the prize! So nice to see Karen again as a guest with another inspirational card - she has some creative ways of using snippets! I'll have to try this one as well! I'll be back to join in the fun soon! Sending positive vibes for Dudley!

  9. What a fun and happy card this week Di! I love the little girl and her painting and her enormous paintbrush, and you're right, the colourful striped paper is just perfect :)

    I'm going to say yes to the draw this week as that set is just so fab!

    I feel for you with Dudley needing an op. It really feels horrible having to leave your little one overnight at the vets but it will be over soon and you will feel so relieved and Dudley will pick up in no time. As for the onesie, Eva actually seemed to quite like wearing one - acted a bit like a thundershirt I think. Sending hugs.

    Just love that you're helping your local hedgie population :)

    Vicky x

  10. What a cute little lady with her large brush and, and the multi colour striped paper goes beautifully Di and a great sentiment too, and Karen has come up trumps with her snippet wreath using lots of papers ad with a gorgeous bow too. I hope Dudley soon recovers from his op. and that the results are good, in one so young I think there is less cause for worry as these things tend to take their toll more on an older dog. I bet he will be bouncing about again in no time. I hope you manage to catch the third little hedgehog, or that it goes into hibernation soon. x

  11. Praying dear Di. So understand, but better to be safe than sorry, will pray specially for anesthetic to go well.
    Two wonderful cards, well done, no thanks to set. Must go.
    God bless keep you all Di, big hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    1. PS praying re hedgie too. Right time right place and collect him up please Lord. Xx.

  12. Beautiful inspiration cards from both you and Karen!! With your inspiration, of course it's yes please to the prize :)
    Poor little Dudley, and poor Di!!!! I would be frantic if my pup was in the same situation, over-thinking everything to distraction!!! However....I'm sure everything will be fine!!! Sounds like your vet is right on top of things, and doesn't dilly around with stuff. Good luck, and hopefully you can let your mind rest a BIT <3
    Susan Sudbury

  13. You and Karen are at it again with lovely work displayed here - I am inspired to create for this challenge - and Yes Please to be entered to win the prize - thanks for the challenge and wishing Dudley good health! Blessings

  14. Oh, this is such a cute card Di, and I had to laugh at your comment about wishing you could have put the easel closer to the little girl. You can just pretend that she's standing back away to get a better look at her design, lol.

    Yes please to this super cute stamp and die prize!

    I understand how you and Len are worried about Dudley's surgery, and I know we're all hoping his results come back just fine. Good for you to notice the mole right away and get it taken care of. It warms my heart when I see responsible pet owners who always do their best to give good care.

    Big hugs to Dudley, and to you and Len!

  15. Really sweet card, great colourful border at the top and the cute images.

    Kath x

  16. Love your adorable snippets card Di...fabulous inspiration from Karen again too!
    Best wishes for Dudley!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm playing just for fun this week x

  17. Just playing for fun. Not much fun here at the minute though. About to chuck the mini portable sewing machine outta the window. Hugs me.

  18. Yes please to this fun prize pack. You did a beautiful job with the stamp set, and I have to admit the little girl reminds me of my own granddaughter. They have an art easel just like that at home!

    Oh, how worrisome about little Dudley, but most of these skin irregularities turn out to be benign so I'll be sending my most positive thoughts his way. Our Toby had a tumor removed above his eye last September and I was holding my breath until it came back just fine. Now you wouldn't even know it had been there...and it was really large. These furry pups have the best disguise for all those nasty scars that just stand out like neon signs on humans.

    Your story of the young hedgie just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I didn't even know that hedgehogs hibernate, which shows how rare they are around here!

  19. Morning,

    Just added my entry for this challenge and will say YES PLEASE for an entry to the draw.

    Aww, poor Dudders - fingers crossed all will be well but, as you say, best have it removed instead of risking a second operation - he's young and healthy so the operation should go smoothly - let us know how he goes on and try not to laugh when he looks at you drunkenly when you go to pick him up!

    Love the "Heath Robinson" contraption description too

    Happy Monday


  20. Fabulous cards from both you and Karen and I would love a chance to win this cute prize, please.

    I hope all goes well with Dudley and hope he's a good patient when he gets home!

    Kath x

  21. Oh Di, I hope all goes well for Dudley, that the mole is benign, and he recovers very quickly too. Your car is fabulous - love the cute little images and that is such a nice sentiment. The stamp & die set are lovely, too tempting really, but it has to be a 'no thanks' from me. I have to thank you for introducing us to Karen, it was she who inspired my snippet tag this week. I hope your third little hedgehog is going to be okay. We're still putting out food and it's certainly disappearing. Hopefully, we're feeding out own little Spike. Hugs to you both, Dudley and Parsnip, of course. Elizabeth x

  22. Lovely cards and love the idea of using all the snippets, love to enter for the prize, will enter Wednesday xx

    Lilian b

  23. Wishing Good Health soon for cute Dudley!
    Your card is so adorable! Love Karen's creative circle wreath too!
    Big Shout out for this generous and sweet prize combo, will sure to play!

  24. Gorgeous cards from both you and Karen. Praying all goes well for Dudley xoxo

  25. Such a lovely colorful card!! This set is one of my fav and would love to win :) And I love Karen's wreath card, so simple yet awesome idea!! :) Wishing Dudley everything goes well!!

  26. Love your card Di and l am just playing for fun xx

  27. Hi Di! I hope your Dudley is fine. I know how it feels when the doggy is not well at all and you can't do anything for him, just hoping....!
    You made an adorable card and that's why I say yes to the prize: the images are so cute.
    Lia xx

  28. That's such a cute card, and Karen's card is impressive - I may have to case that great design! So sorry about Dudley's upcoming op - I surely do hope all is well when it's over and it was nothing to be concerned about. Playing just for fun this week, but do take good care!

  29. Poor little Dudley, I do hope all goes well and the results come back good. Love your cheery colourful card and what a fabulous snippets card from Karen. I'm only playing for fun again xx

  30. Ohh bless you Di how stressful for you. I do hope little Dudley is fine and the mole is nothing to worry about. Send him a big pat from me and a purr from Billy. Lovely cards from you and Karen. I'm just playing for fun this time. Hugs xxx

  31. Great snippets cards, Di! Well-balanced and super colorful! I love Karen's card, too! I'll be waiting with crossed fingers to hear how Dudley does and hoping that all goes well and the results are benign. Glad to know you are also taking great care of the wee hedgie! You and Len are the best!! Hugs, Darnell

  32. Cute card...i love to win these lovely stamp and dies...

  33. Love to be in the challenge, thank you for the lovely comment. Marlene

  34. I think your girl and her painting are in wonderful proportion! It's really a darling card. And a darling set - yes, please, to play for it. And Karen's card - wow! - now that's some snippets!! And it's really gorgeous. I love everything she does; so talented!
    Well, we still have that glitch as I once again got the error message at the very last step. Here is my link:
    And I thank you kindly! hugs, Becca

  35. No thanks Di playing for fun.. praying for you all over there. Xxx

  36. Such beautiful cards Di and a big Yes to the prize. Playing after a long gap
    Dr Sonia

  37. Wonderful cards, Di! As always!
    I’m so proud I managed to post my card from my iPhone. A new experience. Am in Germany just now and did not think I would be able to write a new post and get it online without my computer at home. 😂
    Well, here I am again, after a long time. And yes please to the prize.
    Hugs, Liv

  38. Oh gosh--always something to worry us doggy parents! Thinking positive thoughts for all of you! Your card is super cute, Di--love how you matched the coloring to the printed paper! Karen's wreath is a winner--should make a card like that! Leave me out of the drawing, please.

  39. Such a sweet card, Di, and I adore Karen's clever wreath. Will pop over to her blog later.
    Just playing for fun this time.
    Marianne x

  40. I'm playing for fun this time, Di. Sorry to hear about Dudley's need for surgery and have fingers crossed and saying prayers. I did read the update that he's home from the surgery but prayers for the little guy still seem appropriate until the results are back. Wishing you all good luck with the final hedgie, too.
    Oh, I do love the little artist with her easel and paint brush. I think she'd have been just as adorable even if not perfectly balanced. :-D

  41. Your card is so sweet Di and the stripey paper is just perfect. Karen's wreath card is a fabulous idea and lovely traditional colours. I've just entered my card, but playing for fun this time Di, thank you. I've seen your latest post on Dudley and hope he is coming around and not feeling too uncomfortable x

  42. I love that card!!! It's so original and perfect for all those snippets!!!!! Please send love to Dudley, I'm sure he will do great... he's such a great trooper!!! Hugs, Brigitte
    Oh, yes, I would like to be in the draw for the prize please!

  43. I'm playing catch up with my blog visiting. Things have been so busy lately, anyone would think it's nearly Christmas! Your card is so sweet, Di and I love how Karen has used snippets on her card. If I manage to get a snippets card done before the Playground gates close, I'll be a Yes Please for the draw. xx

  44. Hi, I came here from Karen's blog and wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Thank you for the inspiration!

  45. ooh so sorry to hear poor Dudley has to have an op! I am sure he will be fine and the results will be good. I know how worried you must be so I am sending you a huge blog hug! Love your card, it so cute and Karen's wreath card is just brilliant. I am just playing for fun this time. Just took a few minutes off from writing my Christmas cards to do this quick blog post! Take care my friend xxxxxxx

  46. It's a yes please Di, I love your card and its such a cute prize. I think you should definitely try the drips from the stripes! Keeping everything crossed for Dudley, and I also visited Karen, loved her card and blog, and such another generous prize on offer. Take care xxx

  47. Hello Di - so sorry to hear about Dudley... poor little chap! I am playing just for fun this time xx

  48. Very cute card. Love the image and the colours.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  49. Hi Di, fabulous cards! Just playing for fun this time. Sending you lots of love, April xx

  50. Yes please for the prizes.
    Greetings Elly

  51. Yes please and love the card. Merry Christmas and just read today's post and amazing news give Dudley a belly rub from me

  52. Yes please for the prize Di, and so glad that Dudley is doing well

  53. Yes please for the prize Di. What a saga you have been through with Dudley - so glad the results have been what you wanted and that he will be well on the mend by now

  54. wow, such a rainbow card, I totally love it.
    our neighbours have a similar dog and he remembers me on your Dudley :)). Sending positive thoughts to Dudley.
    yes for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx


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